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AI at EC19: Sharing Tips & Tricks from the Experts: Page 3 of 3

Building One Chatbot Across All Your Channels

In this session, Daniel Hong of Forrester Research and panelist Taj Singh, with Uber, discussed a number of interesting topics, including:

  1. Why chatbots sometimes don’t work. They attributed chatbot failure to three reasons: having siloed teams, based on channel, which can drive up costs and lead to consistent user experiences; lack of experience and training in how customers might say the same things in different ways; and platform issues, such as an inability to scale and support multiple channels.
  2. Standardize on a good NLP engine like Google’s Dialogflow or one of the other reputable platforms.
  3. Consider how you’re going to do authentication across different channels. How will this vary depending upon which channel the customer uses for engagement?


Companies at Enterprise Connect with an AI Component

Beyond the conference program, AI found a home on the Expo floor, too. It was interesting to walk the show floor and see how many exhibitors had some element of AI as part of their product offerings. The list below are those AI-focused companies I personally saw or encountered on the show floor or in session presentations (my apologies to any that I missed).

AI-related exhibitors at Enterprise Connect 2019



As evidenced in this EC19 recap, AI is all around us. It is only going to get hotter as more and more organizations try to use it in their contact centers and as they encounter it in the UC products they deploy. AI is keeping our industry relevant, fun and challenging; everyone will engage AI and be engaged by it.