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Why Vonage's TokBox Buy Is a Big Deal: Page 3 of 3

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What About TokBox?

For TokBox and its customers, the transition to Vonage must be a relief. Inside Telefonica, TokBox was subject to the whims and winds of a huge company. In Vonage, the focus will be on the video (and voice) over IP integration and the APIs to enable consumption of those services. With the CPaaS 1.0 offers already in the Vonage suite, identifying opportunities and use cases for the TokBox CPaaS 2.0 services should be a slam dunk. In fact, the realization of customer need was probably a major driver for the Vonage team in acquiring TokBox.

The key question now is how soon the inclusion of a viable CPaaS 2.0 service in the suite becomes a selling differentiator for Vonage against competitors like 8x8, Mitel, and RingCentral. Market consolidation surely will continue.