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Zoom Update Adds Meeting Controls, Caller Verification Icon

Zoom closed out November 2021 with a host of updates to its suite of products, including Zoom Meetings, Phone, Events, and added a new feature to automatically download Zoom client updates.
For Zoom Meetings, the company revealed:
  • Presentation slide controls: Meeting hosts can now select multiple people to control the movement of slides in a presentation.
  • More polling options: Meeting and webinar hosts now have more attendee polling options, including ranked responses, matching, fill-in-the-blank, and short and long answer options.
  • Additional watermark settings: New settings will allow users to set the size and placement of watermarks. Additionally, users can set watermarks to default or customize when they appear via the web portal.
  • Attendance Status: Meeting hosts and co-hosts can now view who accepted or declined a meeting invite with Google and Outlook calendar integrations. The Attendance Status feature is currently in beta.
For Zoom Phone, the company announced:
  • Caller verification checkmark for incoming calls: Zoom will now add a checkmark next to the number of incoming calls to indicate the call has been verified with STIR/SHAKEN compliance requirements. A call without a checkmark might indicate that it's a robocall or spam call, Zoom added.
  • Queue analytics enhancements: Managers can use the Zoom Phone Power Pack to monitor call queue metrics like service level, missed call rate, and average wait time. Additionally, managers can choose to receive notifications through Zoom Chat or an email when a criteria threshold is met. To increase the visibility of these metrics, admins can also customize call queue wallboards to display on digital signage devices, Zoom said.
  • ServiceNow integration: A ServiceNow integration will bring Zoom Phone into existing ServiceNow workflows, allowing click-to-call functionality and ability to view and manage call and user logs.
  • SMS for Google Workspace and Microsoft Teams and Dynamics: By using Zoom Phone numbers through Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Dynamics, users can send SMS to internal and external contacts.
  • Emergency Location Identification Number support: For enterprises outside the U.S. and Canada, Zoom will now require organizations that are deploying Zoom Phone to a new location to configure an Emergency Location Identification Number (ELIN), which dynamically tracks a user's movement for emergency service purposes.
For Zoom Event, the company unveiled:
  • Chat options for events: Event hosts and moderators can now toggle on and off chat during the event.
  • Third-party closed captioning options: Support for third-party closed captioning will allow meeting hosts to turn on and off closed captioning during events.
  • Pledge integration: Event hosts can use the Pledge app, through a Zoom integration, to collect money for fundraisers and to match attendees' contributions.
Additionally, in a separate blog, Zoom launched an automatic update feature for its clients. The automatic update feature is enabled by default for individual users, and a user can change their preference by going into the Zoom settings.