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What Do Loblaw, Splunk, and Snowflake Have in Common?

For years, Slack has been changing the way millions of people work together within their organizations. By shifting internal communication out of inboxes and into Slack channels, teams can work more transparently with one another and get more done. But we know the work doesn’t stop at a company’s walls. That’s why we’ve taken the next step to bring the benefits of Slack to everyone you work with, both inside and outside your organization. Slack Connect is a more secure and productive way for organizations to communicate together.
Connect securely with outside organizations
Admins and security professionals can rest assured that all of Slack’s enterprise-grade security features and compliance standards extend to Slack Connect: retention, support for data loss prevention, and e-discovery. Slack also provides Enterprise Key Management via Amazon Web Services, giving organizations increased control over their data and who can see it.
With Slack Connect, admins can maintain control over their organization’s data and monitor external access. And unlike email, which leaves users open to the risks of spam and phishing, teams receive messages and files only from verified members when they work in channels.
Email was not doing it and we couldn't get people on the phone, so we decided to set up channels to securely connect with our prospective customers through Slack Connect.”  — Kevin Pura, area vice president of global sales engineering, Splunk
Work faster with partners and vendors
When you bring projects with external teams out of siloed email inboxes and into Slack, communication happens in real time with all the right people. Organizations can come together to work and make decisions faster with customers, vendors, and partners.
Slack Connect made it possible for the team to execute on an ambitious timeline, bringing the service to market in only a matter of weeks.” — Breanne Freeman, senior manager of customer engagement solutions, Loblaw
New apps will speed up workflows like these even further and streamline the cumbersome tasks required to make them happen. With Slack Connect and the upcoming Outlook and Google Calendar integrations, Slack will scan everyone’s calendars — across different calendaring apps and organizations — and suggest available meeting slots.
Build stronger relationships
No matter where everyone is located, Slack Connect allows teams around the world to work closely with their customers, while building trust along the way.
If a lead has a question, we can get them an instant response from an engineer or other Snowflake team member, setting us apart from the competition. Customers feel like we’re all working on the same team.” — Cedric Dageville, corporate account executive, Snowflake 
And as projects and relationships grow, all parties can add new teammates and access past conversations, files, and context to keep everyone on the same page.
Get started with Slack Connect
Slack Connect is available for all paid plans. If you’re already a customer but new to Slack Connect, feel free to reach out to learn more.