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Verizon Business Introduces BlueJeans Spaces, Shares Service Updates


The BlueJeans app
Source: Verizon press release
In addition to winning the 2021 Best of Enterprise Connect Award Overall, for BlueJeans Telehealth, Verizon Business this week at the event revealed a new virtual office tool called BlueJeans Spaces and shared updates to its meeting and event services.
With Spaces, team members can meet and collaborate in a digital space with customizable 3D avatars — no need for virtual reality headsets. To simulate the in-office experience, Spaces will feature spatial audio, which makes people closer to you in the virtual space sound clearer, Verizon Business said. Additionally, Spaces features a catalog of customizable office layouts, and it allows teams to incorporate games into the digital workspace, the company added.
Each Spaces user will have a presence indicator in the virtual space to share if they are available to talk, and users can join one-on-one or group audio or video chats as they come up, Verizon Business said. Spaces users will also have access to a new BlueJeans Collaboration Board, where they can iterate ideas on a digital whiteboard, using built-in tools to add images, sticky notes, and screenshots, Verizon Business said.
For BlueJeans Meetings, Verizon Business announced:
  • 1,000-person meetings — Meeting hosts can now host meetings with up to 1,000 active participants.
  • Audio lock — Meeting hosts can now hard mute all participants during a meeting.
  • Open breakouts — Meeting attendees in a large group can use this feature to select which breakout sessions they would like to attend.
And for BlueJeans Events, updates include:
  • Closed-caption translation — BlueJeans Event platform can now provide captions in over 70 languages.
  • Embeddable event recordings — With this event feature, users can take event content and drop it onto an HTML page for on-demand viewing post-event.
  • Background blur — Event presenters and moderators can now blur their background through the video settings in the event.
  • Simultaneous interpretation — Simultaneous interpretation can support up to five concurrent audio channels, and interpreters can set volume, audio mix, and incoming and outing languages.
Lastly, Verizon Business released a new Android-based version of the BlueJeans Rooms app for Poly devices. This new app will allow Poly Studio X30, X50, and X70 to run the Rooms app natively.