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No Jitter Roll: SIPPO Expands Teams Phone Service; GoTo Expands CCaaS

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Welcome to this week’s No Jitter Roll, our regular roundup of product news in the communication and collaboration spaces. This week, we highlight: SIPPIO’s major expansion to Product Suite, GoTo’s launch of Contact Center Pro, and CallCabinet’s latest evolution of AI-Driven Conversation Analytics.


SIPPIO’s major expansion to Product Suite

SIPPIO announced an expansion of its Microsoft Teams Phone service at the Channel Partners Expo. This expansion offers advanced reporting, call recording, AI-driven insights, and integrated messaging to optimize communication, make data-driven decisions, and engage with customers across multiple channels.

Here is a breakdown of what the newly-expanded Microsoft Teams Phone service provides:

  • New analytics and reporting tools
  • Call recording to ensure compliance, improve training, and enhance quality assurance practices
  • Uses AI to log customer interactions and predict trends

Enables SMS/MMS and integrating with WhatsApp for Business and Apple Messages for Business (which will be includes at no additional cost with SIPPIO Connect)

SIPPIO portal


GoTo’s launch of Contact Center Pro

GoTo Contact Center Pro is a solution that expands it’s CCaaS services to medium and large companies, allowing then to grow a modern and flexible platform while maintaining affordability.

GoTo’s Contact Center Pro offers:

  • Omnichannel capabilities which allow agents to respond to customers on their preferred channel (it even allows switching channels)
  • Advanced analytics and campaign management tools
  • Agent analytics and real-time reporting
  • Onboarding and deployment and a variety on integrations for CRM, workforce management tools, and productivity apps



CallCabinet’s latest evolution of AI-Driven Conversation Analytics

had added more features to their AI-driven Conversation Analytics, a solution that includes analytics for dashboards, Gen AI, and risk and compliance. This update incorporates AI-powered tools that let agents surface and act on customer data during interactions.

New features include:

  • Section overviews, which provide immediate access to critical data.
  • Visualization features that offer views of interactions, allowing users to see action points and interaction summaries. This helps users evaluate conversations and plan strategy shifts.
  • A phrase editor, which gives users autonomy over keywords and phrases that are used, allowing them to personalize the measurement and interpretation of data.



Talkdesk adds Autopilot for Healthcare

Talkdesk Healthcare Experience Cloud™, a platform that has a focus on helping organizations create synchronized, personalized, and convenient experiences for healthcare patience and professionals has added Autopilot for Healthcare, a virtual agent that connections Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems with healthcare-specific integrations, workflows, and Gen AI models. It can also loop in human agents when necessary, allowing for better healthcare experiences.

Autopilot for Healthcare supports the entire patient journey including patient acquisition, making and managing appointments, completing PCI-compliant payments, finding nearby clinics, and managing claims and prior authorizations as well as connecting with physician and location directories.

 The tool now integrates with digital triage and symptom-checking platforms, including Intermedia and Isabel Health.

Talkdesk Healthcare Experience Cloud is available on athenahealth, Epic, and Oracle Health (formerly Cerner).


DataGrail launches an AI Governance solution to help uncover Shadow AI

DataGrail has launched its AI Governance Solution, which helps businesses uncovers AI risks in third-party apps and systems. Using it’s patent-pending Responsible Data Discovery platform, DataGrail is able to uncover Shadow AI, showing that at least 40% of businesses are using OpenAI, whether it be knowingly or unknowingly.

Their Governance Solution can:

  • Discover traditional AI and Gen AI models in a business’s SaaS and third-party systems
  • Automatically identify models in systems and apply smart categories, providing an up-to-date view of business risk
  • Assess, audit and monitor AI risks by building AI risk assessment to meet regulatory requirements (EU’s AI act and California’s automated decision-making enforcement) Extend Data Protection Impact Reports (DPIAs) or Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) to understand third-party vendor AI usage and give a holistic view of vendors using AI.
  • Orchestrate data in addition, access, and opt-out requests across AI system

DataGrail has also released its Responsible AI Use Principles & Policies Playbook, which provides framework for businesses to develop their own AI principles and policies based on their values. This playbook is a collaboration between several customers that helps businesses create policies regarding AI through a series of basic steps and principles. The playbook also includes worksheets, questions, and examples that help businesses foster and maintain AI responsibility.

In regards to the playbook, DataGrail CEO and co-founder, Daniel Barber says, “Regulations are coming, but not soon enough. To preserve the human right to data privacy, companies must act now.”


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