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Cisco Webex Outage Returns

Cisco Webex Teams users are once again experiencing service issues today.


The major Cisco Webex outage that began last Tuesday, Sept. 25, at 9:22 p.m. ET, seemed to be mostly resolved as of our last reporting on the issue on Friday. Cisco had even updated its Webex Teams status page to green, a change from the red and orange service indicators that the company had been showing for most of the preceding week--an indication that Webex Teams was mostly up and running again while ongoing restoration efforts continued. However, this morning, the status page went back to orange, and Cisco has been issuing a series of updates around its ongoing service restoration efforts.

As of this writing, Cisco is reporting that users continue to experience latency or connection failures when using the Webex Teams clients, devices, and Hybrid Calendar services.

"We've identified an issue within one of the Teams micro-services that is causing client connection requests to fail," Cisco said on its status page. "This is leading to the latency that is being experienced and the intermittency in the endpoints connecting into the infrastructure. When the client can successfully get the connection, it will update the client data until the session refreshes and potentially loses that connection."

Cisco said it has an "execution path" to address the issues and stabilize network connections but that the restoration will take more time.

This latest batch of issues appears to have surfaced as a result of some ongoing fix deployments that Cisco was reportedly rolling out today for lingering issues in Webex Teams Messaging and Devices. Those issues had been causing a limited number of Webex Teams calls within specific spaces to hit an error condition and fail. Sometime after 1:35 a.m. ET today, when Cisco informed the public of its plans to deploy these fixes over the following 24 hours, other issues began to surface.

These latest connectivity issues include the inability to create spaces and teams, or log into the Teams web client and open spaces. The issue is also affecting some Developer APIs and bots, Cisco said. At 12:24 p.m. ET, Cisco said that the Messaging client and endpoint connectivity is still latent or seeing errors, and that Calling users may also have limited access for leaving or retrieving voicemail messages. Since then, Cisco has also revealed that Care and Context Service, including the Care Assistant bot, as well as some Calendar services functionality, are also affected by this connectivity issue.

While Cisco reports that its engineers are working to resolve these service issues as quickly as possible, the company continues to be sparing about revealing the technical details that caused the outage. So far today, Twitter activity around the outage has been minimal and the Webex Twitter account remains quiet.