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Sulkin on the Market

For starters, market revenues grew at almost 6%; it'll be interesting to compare that number with what we see this year. When I interviewed Mark Straton for a recent podcast, Mark claimed he wasn't worried about a recession, but Mark's paid to say that, and if he's not worried, he's the only one.

The other big-picture thing I took away from Allan's article is the rapidity with which IP seems to be moving into the voice infrastructure: It really does seem to have hit a tipping point. I don't think anyone's going out of their way to junk TDM systems that work, and corporate belt-tightening this year could slow the replacement cycle. But there really does seem to be critical mass at last.

Finally, I've long been one to suggest that we shouldn't stop using the term "PBX" just because the vendors don't like it anymore. If it's an accurate term, you use it. But I've finally decided that we're no longer talking about a "PBX" market, and although Allan never comes right out and says that in his article, it's an inescapable conclusion based on how he discusses the marketplace.

That doesn't mean you won't be buying PBXs anymore. But if you go into the process thinking that that's all you're buying, then I think you've got your head in the sand.