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The Quality of Quality

Since I posted that item, we've run a lot of posts from John Bartlett of NetForecast about QOS, and these have generally been among the best-read posts on No Jitter. So clearly a lot of you share old Lou's concern about sound quality. The question is whether Lou, and you and I, are all just dinosaurs.

Part of my not-so-hidden agenda here is to get you to dig back into our early days here on No Jitter; we did a very "soft" launch back in December, but when I went back to look for the "VOIP for Audiophiles" post, I really felt like we had some great stuff there. It was a dilemma; I wanted (needed) great stuff right off the bat, yet we knew we were going to ease into this thing to give us a chance to let the kinks (as opposed to the Kinks) get worked out. So if you've got a minute, check out our December 2007 posts.

Cuddly, work-safe Lou Reed:

The Kinks sing about Fred Knight: