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Ongoing Progress in Day 2 Voice Quality Monitoring

Anyone who currently supports enterprise multi-site IP Communications networks knows that getting a network up and running presents one set of challenges, but trying to assure ongoing, consistent quality ("Day 2"), particularly on an endpoint-specific basis, is quite another. Quality-related issues can be difficult to detect and isolate. particularly in:1. Hybrid PSTN-VOIP calling environments (this often occurs in a contact center environment)

2. IP communications environments that become increasingly complex over time (IP IVRs, SBCs, firewalls, conferencing bridges, etc.)

We've just been briefed by Empirix, which introduced its OneSight Voice Quality Assurance product on February 8 (see This product places and records test calls (A to B and also B to A), measures per-call bi-directional quality and identifies potential sources of degradation on a recurring basis. The enterprise decides the extent and frequency of the testing (using Empirix probes and call quality monitors). Test calls may be placed on an intra-site (such as between two VLANs), intra-company or inter-company basis. Since a record of test calls is preserved, customers can listen to the recordings and relate those to the particular PSEQ or MOS value for each unique calling scenario.

OneSight has been available to existing Empirix enterprise customers since late 2009, and is currently in trials with several financial services firms and carriers (for use by their contact centers). As it exists today, this product is available for purchase, and so is better suited for use by larger enterprises; however, Empirix plans to introduce a solution suitable to mid-size business requirements later this year.

Readers will note that the Empirix announcement isn't an isolated incident, and we plan to share information on similar products from other vendors going forward.