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Headsot of Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research

Customers should expect no disruption in their relationship with Avaya, including product roadmap, sales relationships, or service. What remains to be seen is how Avaya will stick to its execution of its ambitious turnaround plan.

Headshot of Tom Nolle, CIMI Corp.

Just as “web development” has traditionally used different techniques and people versus mainstream programming, what we’ve learned in the data center may not be transferred to cloud activity.

Lisa Schmeiser, No Jitter editor

If AI tools do eventually help automate workers’ tasks and shave time off the stretch from assignment to deliverable, managers have a choice: they can assign more work or they can ask whether we really need to work so much now that AI can step in.

Headshot of Dave Michels, of TalkingPointz

Big Avaya news: Alan Masarek, President and CEO for its transformation, retires. Patrick Dennis, current Chairman of the Board, takes over.