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Fully Baked Concept

My buddy Eric has mentioned before, it's not who's marketing that seems to win but who has the most marketing. Anyone come to mind?

I found the Panasonic video and it's subject to interpretation, one of those art reflects life or life reflects art kind of thing. It wasn't until the end, that it struck me as to what was relevant. The heat and smoke sends the message that this is a fully "baked" product.

Today, and for those not knowing my perspective- I look back and still think that the HYBRID IP-PBX is a better path for the large market segment that we serve (SMB/E). I don't feel uneasy at all selling, installing and servicing HYBRID technology. Our HYBRIDS can morph into that marketing term that I'm not enamored of- the "Pure" IP-PBX. In spite of my reservations about VoIP and IPT for the SMB/E, if they (customers) really need IP then let's put IP where and when it's needed, not before. Investment dollars spent for fear of being outdated is proving to be another scam such as the Year 2K that lined too many pockets unnecessarily. The old TDM dogs can even employ VoIP.

From 1996 forward, we all experienced half-baked products, and this doesn't exclude the major players. The market was and still is arguably being disrupted now, this time by Microsoft.

Still, all the present day news is about UC and blah, blah, blah. Sorry but's there's a retaliatory statement about all the hyperbole in the industry and it's the one thing that I'll stand by even if it offends: "Just do it." That's right, just do it. I'd say 90 percent of what we read and hear about is unnecessary. It's all about "this is what we are going to do, if we don't run out of money, if we can figure out all the kinks and if we can capture the hearts of the users."

Until then, maybe the concept of "white space" is really a better thing.