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Harnessing AI for Hyper-personalized Customer Experience

In my last article, I outlined what it takes to achieve hyper-personalization, including harnessing AI to delight customers across the full customer journey. The good news is that AI purpose-built for customer experience is ushering in major advances with use cases across every touch point — self-service and agent-assisted, customer- and internal-facing. And AI for CX is available in the cloud to make it a reality for organizations to use cost-efficiently and at scale.
CXone, our intelligent, AI-powered customer experience platform, is revolutionizing CX in many ways.
Solving the right problems: Did you know that fewer than one-third of CX initiatives succeed? According to today’s CX researchers, the plans contact center leaders are making to transform CX aren’t always the right ones. Why? They’re not built with insightful data to back them up. With the right data, you’re equipped to solve the right problems and win with your customers the first time. With AI, you can get useable insights and information — including deep dive drilldowns — to guide you with what exactly needs to change to improve CX for your customers.
Understanding evolving customer expectations: Digital-first, always-on communication has never mattered as much as it does now. In fact, consumer communications needs have changed dramatically and continue to evolve with so many choices right at their fingertips. This is why keeping up with new technology is increasingly important — and AI sets the stage for your organization to thrive and be in lockstep with your consumers’ demands.
Continually improving engagement: Increasing complexity is one of the biggest challenges for continually managing customer engagement. Contact centers are a gold mine of customer data, but they need the right tools to mine it and transform the data into useful insights. Monitoring and identifying root causes and pain points relies on listening and analyzing millions to billions of data points. AI is the only way to meet the challenge and can surface issues that matter most. With those insights you can quickly adjust and identify new and exciting ways to delight customers.
Doing more with less: AI won’t replace the need for humans in the contact center, but it can be a tool to equip and empower your team, freeing them from lowest-level tasks and setting the stage for them to focus on what matters most.
Powering resolution with smart self-service: Customers want better self-service to quickly get answers and solve basic needs, like password resets, bill payments, appointment bookings, and so much more. Self-service can lower costs for companies but only if those interactions are contained in self-service. AI can help you design and orchestrate better and better self-service experiences and quickly train self-service apps like voicebots and chatbots based on interaction data across all channels.
Ensuring better experiences with live agents: Customers want fast answers and convenience, but they also expect easy access to an agent when needed regardless of their communication channel. Contact center agents are handling more complex customer needs and are on the front line with your customers. Only AI that is purpose-built for customer satisfaction can match customer personas to the right agents as well as give agents real-time feedback in the moment on every call instead of after the fact. AI dynamically measures sentiment and alerts agents to improve empathy and build rapport during the conversation.
To help you step up your AI game for CX, we asked four industry experts for innovative ideas about how to personalize interactions in contact centers. You can find their suggestions in "14 innovative personalization ideas for your contact center." Download your complimentary copy of this eBook and start stepping up your personalization game right away.