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CX Best Practices: Learning from AWS Contact Center Day


High customer satisfaction
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Earlier this week, I ordered from a box of four toothpaste tubes, but only one was in the box I received. I called Amazon’s customer center. The agent immediately found my order without me having to share the long order number. She issued a refund, and even told me I could keep the one tube I received, no return necessary. As a customer, I couldn’t ask for better service.
Just like me, you might have been delighted by Amazon customer service already. We know that you want fast, convenient support — it’s what makes you loyal. This is why last month we hosted our first AWS Contact Center Day conference, providing the opportunity for you to learn from industry experts how to create your contact center of the future in a free, on-demand video conference.
Contact Center Best Practices
The one-day conference, which took place on July 13, brought together some of the most influential people invested in the future of contact centers. Participants included: Becky Ploeger, global head of Hilton Reservations and Customer Care, and member of the Customer Contact Week advisory board; Matt Dixon, chief research and innovation officer at Tethr, and author of multiple bestsellers, including “The Challenger Sale”; customer service expert Shep Hyken, author of “I’ll Be Back: How to Get Customers to Come Back Again and Again”; Brian Solis, global innovation evangelist at Salesforce, and best-selling author; and Mark Honeycutt, director of consumer operations, Amazon.
At Amazon, we have gone through years of trial and error to get to where our customer experience stands today. This is why we wanted to share our experiences with you so that you can learn from our progress:
  • Customers want super-human service. You can now automate routine customer experience and agent tasks. When I call my airline for a rebooking after a delayed flight, I expect to be greeted by name. I expect the system to know my flight was delayed and to offer rebooking suggestions. This can happen automatically today, without involving a customer agent. These automatic chatbot systems are personalized per customer. They are dynamic because they answer customer questions before they ask, and they are natural because they are based on voice interactions, like conversations between humans.
  • Customers expect personalized engagement. Amazon Connect allows for fast and secure interactions with real-time voice biometric authentication. There is no need to go through a lengthy authentication questionnaire anymore. After the customer is authenticated, the customer service agent has a 360-degree view of the customer’s profile, integrating and displaying data from across the enterprise and using machine learning to provide the right information at the right moment.
  • Contact centers must evolve quickly to answer changing needs. Contact center interactions must take action based on real-time data or customer sentiment. Leaders want to experiment, learn, and improve using customer analytics and data.
Learn more
If you’re interested in learning more about contact center excellence, the entire Contact Center Day conference is now available on demand. Check out the full agenda and watch a session now and learn more about Amazon Connect.
I am looking forward to my next delightful customer experience using your contact centers.