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Counting Coup

I bring this is up because IT guys (not the ladies) keep pressing the "imminent demise of telecom" as we know it. It's not just rubbing salt to the wound, but it's simply annoying and as the marketing bozos know- if you say something that isn't true often enough, people begin to believe it.

So up front, I'm obligated to disclose that this blog is entirely for your entertainment. However, the blog following (Is the Sky Falling?) might not sound so entertaining. Eric wrote about the small possibility of telecom going back to or staying with facilities. It wouldn't be unusual nor would it for IT to go back to finance and under finance, and everyone pretty much knows that IT is a money pit, thus the justification for the move. Businesses often move departments and reorganize when they deem it necessary and besides, nothing escapes change.

Often, I tell stories because it's how I communicate. Maybe I'm not a great storyteller, the best soothsayer, or the blogger with the finesse you are looking for- then move on. I work for a living, love what I do, know what I'm doing, do them well and tend to call things as I see them although not right away 'cause I do ponder things over.

When will the last TDM box be de-installed and forever removed from service? I wouldn't want to tax your brain or overburden your thinking- I'm talking to you offenders, but be sure to ring me up and inform me the moment this happens. Did you feel that? I've touched it.

Update: If the last TDM box is going to go out of service on January 1, 2025, here's a countdown clock for the event: