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Work-at-Home Agents to the Rescue

We live in a world where the only constant is change. As we experience the coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) global pandemic’s impact on all of our daily lives, the necessity of being able to adapt is very clear.
This is particularly true for contact centers, given the critical role they play in business. As the front line to customers, they need to adjust to the new reality brought on by COVID-19 where governments require that they work from home as part of the move to flatten the disease’s outbreak.
Agents also face higher customer demands than ever, at the same time as they’re dealing with critical concerns over their own safety given the nature of the crisis. How does a contact center balance customer demands with the new reality of “social distancing,” which can result in an inability to provide an expected level of service and support? Lost revenue and customers, and potentially the total closure of the business itself, are inevitable for those without a plan that allows them to adjust quickly to this new reality.
Businesses with strong business continuity plans that include agent work-from-home capabilities for their contact center operations are best prepared for today’s crisis. A robust cloud-based contact center technology is the critical enabler to quickly get agents set up to work from home. The solution should have all the key components you have in the office, including compliance, workforce scheduling, performance management, and automation. The only difference for agents should be their physical work location, nothing more than that.
To help companies transition their contact center agents in 48 hours to a home-based work environment, NICE inContact is offering CXone@home at no cost for 45 days.
The crisis we are now facing should cause many of those in the contact center industry to rethink the way they do business. Weather the storm we’re currently in by moving your contact center to the cloud — and be ready for those yet-to-come disruptions that will come with our world of constant change.
Learn more about CXone@home here.