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NICE InterACT: A Revolution in Contact Center Recording

Leading the voice recording market brings absolute satisfaction — yet it also presents a responsibility to be ahead of the game and anticipate tomorrow's drivers and the contact center's IT needs to support organizations' growth in a highly competitive consumer environment.
Just a few years back, the contact center’s IT role was defined by managing complex systems. Today, the environment has changed. One driver behind this is the cloud, which altered every facet of life. Another driver is the generational “evolution” — how we’ve changed as individuals and professionals in our consumption of goods and technology. We have higher expectations of brands and service providers, and of our communications with them. Put together, it means we now expect IT simplicity everywhere, with solutions that are easy to deploy, maintain, and upgrade; supported with AI and automation; and cloud-enabled.
The contact center IT world has had to shift dramatically to stay in sync with these changes. As a result, technology providers are expected to deliver effortless experiences of products, solutions, and infrastructure that are central, dynamic, and always a few steps ahead in their innovation. These shifting needs and preferences were at the heart of our effort to build a new recording system that supports modern contact center's needs today and into the future while not compromising on basic needs such as 100% recording, complying with the highest security standards, capturing all channels from cloud and on-prem ACDs, and more.
Our new InterACT platform, introduced last month, can be deployed either in the cloud or on premises. Based on cloud architecture, with all components being microservices, it is highly scalable and flexible.
From top to bottom, we designed InterACT with users in mind. With a modernized UI and the latest UX technology, we provide the seamless experience expected today. All applications are HTML 5-based, consume zero footprint on the user desktop, and work with any browser. With InterACT, we’ve introduced a new term to the industry: AI-powered recording. We implemented all our accumulated experience and expertise in recording, and translated it into a set of actions, processes, rules, and decisions that can automate a large portion of the manual day-to-day actions. AI-powered recording removes the need to configure how to record and frees up IT for more pressing business initiatives.
Recording alone isn't the target. We want customers to derive business value from every interaction and fully utilize technology to serve their consumers better. So, we added NICE's Quality Central solution into InterACT's application center.
InterACT is also the ultimate risk management solution for contact center recording, reducing human error risks by leveraging automation and AI. So, we embedded in the platform a new, enhanced compliance center solution, upgrading the best of NICE's Compliance Center.
Finally, InterACT is the best first step on the customer’s journey to NICE CXone, providing a perfect customer experience using applications in any system deployment mode, whether in the cloud or on prem.
It’s rare that something comes along and changes everything you thought you knew. For recording technology, that something is InterACT, NICE’s sixth- generation of recording. Visit our website to learn more.