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How to Improve Call Quality

Customer experience (CX) has become a major differentiating factor for businesses, so ensuring consistently high quality on your phone lines is mission critical. But what does that really mean, and what can you do about it if quality comes up short?
First and foremost, answering that question requires knowing precisely where in the call journey performance is dropping. Is that happening in your own network, in your voice provider’s network or downstream, or in the interconnection between your network and your provider’s network? After all, without knowing exactly where the problem is, you can’t troubleshoot it.
Up until now, pinpointing root cause of a performance issue has been easier said than done. Finding where call quality drops in real-time has been a time consuming, expensive process that relies on a combination of carrier metrics (if available) and third-party solutions that often require a probe placed within your network. Not surprisingly, this leads all but the most devoted of call quality evangelists either to rely on sporadic automated number testing or not bother at all.
Voxbone Insights, our new call analytics platform, provides a better way. With Voxbone Insights, you can get a complete real-time view of performance, from caller to receiver, across metrics such as mean opinion score, jitter, packet loss, and round-trip time.
Read the full post to discover how Insights shines in letting you drill into these metrics and split them into distinct call journey phases.