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3 Ways Cloud Comms Can Enhance Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become a cornerstone of the business landscape. Managing a sprawling PBX infrastructure across a number of different countries comes with a host of challenges in terms of reliability and future scalability. Not surprisingly, this complexity has businesses turning to the cloud for more streamlined expansion, starting with cloud numbers.
But that’s not the only benefit of cloud communications. For businesses making the transition, the cloud can contribute to growth in three key areas:
#1: An enhanced user experience
Businesses can enhance the communications experience by placing key infrastructure in a virtual environment. With virtual local numbers, businesses can optimize their customer service, integrate their brand into local markets, protect the privacy of their subscribers, or simply provide the same experience to all employees working remotely, either from home offices or on the road.
Through global SIP trunking, communications service providers can establish a local presence anywhere around the world, while converging all data and voice communications channels, via a single connection. This approach safeguards a consistent, seamless communications experience and drives productivity thanks to reliability and ease of use.
#2: Connecting new workflows
The digital economy mandates greater collaboration, and this has become a notable area where cloud technology has transformed communications. Take customer service workflows as an example. Two-way communication has long been a challenge, but virtual mobile numbers can change that.
Customers can call or message service agents directly and service agents can call or message them back via the same number. This creates a far richer and less frustrating experience for all parties. Add the speed at which a company can provision virtual toll-free numbers from a cloud communications provider, and a business can quickly expand its footprint and keep up with demand for local presence. New workflows can be put into action in minutes rather than weeks.
#3: End-to-end efficiencies
Cloud communications can greatly reduce the costs associated with tapping into new regions and accessing new market opportunities, increasing service agility. In today’s digital landscape, businesses can use virtual local numbers to establish a local presence in minutes, while managing them via a self-service portal or APIs, for ease of integration and fast provisioning as and where needed. Since everything is provided with guaranteed SLAs, this also reduces the headache for internal IT teams.
Crucially, a cloud approach also removes the compliance challenge of rolling out telephony services in new markets, alleviating the hassle of regulatory applications and licensing acquisition. However, achieving these benefits relies on the right cloud communications partner. BICS’ cloud suite offers an easy solution to what can otherwise be a complex problem. With the network scalability to serve businesses at the heart of today’s global economy, and the flexibility to provision new numbers and other value-added services at a moment’s notice, BICS offers a straight path to the cloud with unrivaled coverage and reliability.
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