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Cisco Shows How to Lower TCO in New White Paper

The Cisco Collaboration launch reported on earlier on this website included an overwhelming number of new product/server offers and capabilities, but the bottom line for many customers is if they save money by implementing any of the launch offers. Good news customers, because a new Cisco white paper is available that provides TCO saving guidelines for several of the key elements of the launch.According to the paper, there are many next-generation features and capabilities that result in a new TCO for deploying a unified communications platform and justifying the acceleration of a current deployment. As an example, one large financial services company determined that the payback period for migrating from their existing TDM PBX base to a current generation IP telephony network leveraging new features would shrink from 30 months to fewer than 13 months. The consolidation of these new capabilities in a single platform would compound the ROI and accelerate the payback for customer deployments of unified communications.

The following TCO savings are presented in the white paper:

* Full IP telephony deployment: 15 to 25 percent by moving site-to-site voice traffic from the costly public switched telephone network (PSTN) to the internal data network (toll bypass). Savings are attributable to lower operating costs, toll bypass, and the introduction of least-cost routing. Teleworker IP phones with native VPN using Internet access can lower teleworker implementation and ongoing costs by 40 to 50 percent.

* SIP trunking: Additional TCO savings of up to 12 to 26 percent are enabled by lowering local voice connectivity costs.

* Cisco Intercompany Media Engine (IME): Incremental 5 to 10 percent TCO savings using Cisco UIME by routing business-to-business calls over the Internet in a high-quality and secure manner.

* Session management: An additional 4 to 8 percent TCO reduction using Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition through centralized routing and management.

* Mobility: Using a combination of Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition and the Cisco Mobility solution lets companies save 13 to 20 percent on mobile costs by reducing airtime charges, lowering roaming costs with single number reach, and enabling easier dialing and lower costs for international calls.

TCO financial details are included in the paper. I suggest you check it out now.