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Bill Magnuson

Bill Magnuson, founder of BINDMYIT, brings to the table over 30 years of extensive corporate experience in the information technology sphere, underscored by a philosophy of servant leadership. His stewardship of BINDMYIT, a global, vendor-independent consulting firm, reflects a commitment to transforming technology into a strategic asset for businesses, guiding them from initial concept through to architecture, planning, and triumphant implementation.

Throughout his career, Bill has held influential roles at notable corporations such as JPMorgan Chase, RELX, Teleperformance, and Lumen (formerly CenturyLink), each position fortifying his expertise in spearheading digital transformations and crafting effective technology strategies. These corporate experiences have equipped him with a nuanced understanding of modern businesses' technological challenges and opportunities, enabling him to drive growth and efficiency through innovative solutions.

As a passionate advocate for both business and technology, Bill has instilled a culture of diversity, inclusion, and excellence within BINDMYIT. His leadership ensures the firm’s commitment to delivering unbiased, agile strategies, solidifying its role as a pivotal partner in clients' success narratives. This approach aids clients in selecting and collaborating with the right technological partners, leveraging BINDMYIT's global reach and expertise.

Bill's active membership in the Society of Communication Technology Consultants International (SCTC) further demonstrates his dedication to upholding the IT industry's highest consultancy and ethical standards. Alongside his rich corporate background and a network of esteemed partners, Bill has positioned BINDMYIT as an instrumental force for global clients navigating the complex digital landscape. Through strategic foresight and hands-on leadership, Bill Magnuson ensures BINDMYIT remains at the cutting edge, empowering businesses to leverage technology for sustained growth and success.