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See the Promise and Pitfalls of AI

On No Jitter this week, analyst Blair Pleasant of COMMfusion has a roundup of What to Expect From AI in Business Communications in 2024. As you can imagine, the big picture is: Lots of potential, lots of new features coming out, lots of uncertainty about how ready the technology is for your enterprise, and whether it can deliver productivity and ROI.

You’ll get a great opportunity to see these questions asked and answered—in many different ways, I suspect—at Enterprise Connect 2024, March 25 – 28 at the Gaylord Palms hotel in Orlando, FL. AI of course makes up a big chunk of the program, and as we’ve always done, our goal is to help you understand where the hype ends and the reality begins. I want to point out just a few sessions that I’m eagerly awaiting.

You’ll be able to hear straight from an enterprise leader when Michael Altieri of medical device manufacturer Medtronic leads a session on Use of Conversational and Generative AI in Enterprise Omni-Channel Contact Services. Even better, this is one of the sessions for which we’ve scheduled a “Post-Session Networking” opportunity, so once the regular presentation is over, you can stick around and engage with Altieri and your colleagues, to get additional perspectives and insight.

The rest of our CX/Contact Center track is chock-full of AI-focused sessions as well. Analyst Max Ball of Forrester Research will look at the generative AI self-service applications already available, while Robin Gareiss of Metrigy will delve into her research to help you understand Job Shifting: Where and How AI is Eliminating & Adding CX Positions. Gareiss is also leading another session on agent assist and virtual assistants.

AI will also be the centerpiece of our main-stage discussion of CX, led by Sheila McGee-Smith, which will pose the question, Is Gen AI Already Delivering Business Value to Enterprise CX? And it will also be addressed in our Conversation with a Chief Experience Officer, featuring Rhonda Bartlett, Vice President, Consumer Experience and Access at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Outside of the world of CX, we’ll look at the AI capabilities of collaboration platforms, with a deep dive on Understanding and Leveraging AI-Powered Features, as well as a complete look at Microsoft Teams Copilot. And if you’re wondering how to use AI as a friend rather than foe to your own career -- to deliver better service to your end users—Gary LaSasso, senior IT director at Amicus Therapeutics, will be leading a session on Building and Using AI Chatbots for IT Service and Management.

This isn’t a comprehensive rundown on our AI-focused content at Enterprise Connect 2024, but it hits some of the highlights. This is likely to be a year of testing out AI, determining where it’s ready for prime time and where it may not be. Enterprise Connect is the place to seek out the experts and peers who can help you understand where the right fit might be for your enterprise. I hope you can join us in Orlando the week of March 25!