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No Jitter Roll: Salesforce Rolls AI into Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Vonage Adds Omnichannel CX to its Portfolio, NEC Makes Its Own LLM Available

Welcome to this week's No Jitter Roll, our regular roundup of product news in the communication and collaboration spaces. 

This week, NJR highlights Salesforce's integration of Einstein GPT into its Sales Cloud and Service Cloud products, while Vonage adds omnichannel CX capabilities to its Conversational Commerce solution, and NEC makes its proprietary LLM available as a service via Microsoft Azure OpenAI. Finally, Colt bucks this week’s trend of AI news by connecting its network to platforms from companies such as Genesys, Twilio and Zoom.


Salesforce Features Generative AI in Sales GPT and Service GPT 

The CRM provider announced the integration of its Einstein GPT generative AI solution with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud offerings. Sales GPT will use generative AI to auto-generate customer emails, create call transcriptions and summaries, summarize account-related research and history and draft contract clauses. Service GPT will auto-generate service replies, generate summaries of service cases and customer interactions, automatically construct knowledge articles based on customer interactions, and generate “briefings” for field service teams that summarize the work to be done at a customer site.

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Vonage Adds Omnichannel CX to its Conversational Commerce Solution

Via its technology, the cloud communications provider has added new features to its Conversational Commerce solution that enable it to span multiple CX channels. For example, the Vonage Conversational Commerce (VCC) mobile app for iOS and Android allow agents to offer customer support with the same access to functionality, resources, CRM and customer information available on the unified dashboard.

The new VCC Attentive Widget enables businesses to embed instant messaging widgets (powered by AI-driven bots) on their websites. VCC also now supports SMS and Google Business Messenger. VCC also now offers three modular packages that enable full broadcast and live chat capabilities. These include Notify, for notifications, Engage, which allows the creation of bots to power FAQs and customer support, and Convert, which includes commerce and payment capabilities.


NEC Develops and Provides Generative AI for Business Use

NEC Corporation (NEC) announced its new "NEC Generative AI Service" which will begin providing licenses for proprietary large language models (LLM), dedicated hardware, software, consulting services. The service will first become available in Japan and then expand to new markets after FY2024. This service leverages Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and NEC's LLM.

NEC also established its “NEC Generative AI Hub” which consists of researchers, prompt engineers, consultants, digital trust specialists and other professionals, who will lead workshops to develop LLM use cases and strategies for customer, demonstrate how NEC’s LLM can be used and tuned/adapted to customer needs, and provide training sessions.

In its press release, NEC said it began deploying generative AI for internal business use in May 2023. The service was linked to internal systems such as internal chat and web conferencing tools, and is being used by about 20,000 users, or about 10,000 times a day. NEC stated said the following results have been noted so far:

  • 80% reduction in man-hours required to create source code for internal system development. 
  • 50% reduction in the time required to create documents.
  • A reduction in the time required to take detailed meeting notes from an average of 30 minutes to approximately 5 minutes.

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Colt Expands Cloud Voice Services to Genesys, Twilio and Zoom

The UK-based digital infrastructure company announced Colt Cloud SIP, a new service that connects the Colt IQ network to platforms from companies such as Genesys, Twilio and Zoom. Colt also extended its Teams voice activation, through Direct Routing and Operator Connect to three new countries: Slovakia, Luxembourg, and Norway.


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