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What the Future Holds for Enterprise Communications: A Web Event

My colleague Alaa Saayed is presenting a webinar on Thursday May 24th, at 1 pm ET, that will look at the future of enterprise communications, based on recent market and user data from many Frost & Sullivan studies. You can register for the event here. In the meantime, here are some highlights from his presentation:

As you can see, the enterprise market is clearly moving toward an IP world...but vendors must still remember that lots of organizations, large and small, don't have IP in their networks, or don't have it across the organization. Those companies still need care and feeding, and they represent sales opportunities only if vendors can overcome the hurdle of "good enough"--as in, what I have now is good enough for my communications needs.

Cloud communications are certainly changing the way many companies deploy their applications, but more organizations will likely have a mix of premises-based and hosted solutions for the foreseeable future—and vendors need to respond accordingly (with mixed integration, managed services and flexible pricing models, among other things).

In a recent survey of more than 200 C-level executives, Frost & Sullivan research shows that almost half of all respondents said a mobile phone is their primary telephony endpoint at the office—more than any other endpoint we asked about. That will have repercussions for MIS going forward, and we expect BYOD and the general consumerization of IT to significantly impact enterprise technology decisions and deployments over the next decade.

In his presentation, Alaa will also be discussing demand patterns for IP PBX platforms and endpoints, the market forecast for TDM and IP endpoint shipments, other platform and endpoint trends, and key considerations for communications investment decisions going forward. Hope to see you there!