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Activating Voice to Get the Full Value from Microsoft Teams

With the retirement of Skype for Business inching ever closer, many enterprises aren’t waiting around to make the jump to Microsoft Teams. As enterprises move to Teams, they aren’t only looking for a smooth transition, they are looking for complete journey support that extends far beyond the migration. To get this support as well as to take advantage of a variety of add-on services that can extend the value of a Microsoft Teams investment, many global enterprises are looking toward managed services providers (MSP) like Tata Communications.
The job of an MSP is to perform a designated service or group of services that enterprises are unable to do themselves. Or, perhaps an enterprise wants to expend its resources otherwise and it makes better financial sense to acquire the assistance of an MSP. With an MSP handling elements of Teams management, enterprise IT teams can spend their time focusing on more mission-critical initiatives. For example, with an MSP like Tata Communications, enterprises can offload tasks like migrating, enabling, managing and monitoring Teams functionality or operating an end user help desk; they also benefit from on-going IT support, insight from adoption analytics reports and additional training materials. With MSPs, like Tata Communications, you can get adoption change management, assured ROI, video interoperability, and managed room systems with concierge.
While it might seem counterintuitive, managed services can also provide cost savings in the form of lower human capital and not needing to support older systems. On a similar note, enterprises can predict the cost of managed services more accurately and scale services up or down based on need.
One of the most significant benefits of opting for a managed services provider for Teams, however, is being able to activate voice for cross-country communications. While an enterprise that operates strictly within U.S. borders will be able to get PBX functionality directly from Microsoft with Teams Calling, companies that operate an international business need to partner with an MSP that can provide direct routing so that calls can cross country lines. An MSP like Tata Communications has the global infrastructure in place to support global-scale communications.
Further, each country will have different compliance standards and security requirements. Global managed services providers have insight into these standards and requirements and have data centers strategically placed to ensure optimal performance for a region.
Direct Routing Makes ‘Teams’ Connect
Tata Communications’ Global Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams is a phone system capability within Office 365 that enables enterprises to directly connect their existing voice infrastructure with the Teams platform. This facilitates full phone system capabilities for Microsoft Teams and Office 365, on a global scale. Beyond this global connectivity and enjoying the benefit of being able to “sweat their assets” longer by using legacy hardware, businesses will have a simplified, consolidated voice system.
Sign up for a free production grade 30-day trial of Microsoft Teams with Global Direct Routing from Tata Communications and see for yourself how you can get the full value from Microsoft Teams.