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Implementing SIP Trunking to Add Value to Your Cloud Comms Strategy

More and more businesses are migrating to cloud-based communications platforms to reduce costs and increase flexibility. However, to maximize efficiency, productivity and quality of service across an entire organization – from multiple departments to geographically dispersed locations – a cloud platform alone is not sufficient. It must be underpinned by a robust SIP Trunk that can support voice and other channels across a unified communications structure.
SIP Trunking technology provides a direct connection between a company’s infrastructure and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) via Internet Protocol (IP). As a result, it enables the convergence of all voice and data communication channels across geographies – handling thousands of voice, conference, and video calls over a single connection – which can cut telecom costs by up to 50%. As the most effective way to create a unified infrastructure for consolidating geographically dispersed sites, SIP Trunking can improve the customer experience, grow profit margins, and support global expansion.
Organizations that want to scale and expand globally can utilize a one-stop-shop SIP Trunk solution to extend their telecom infrastructure and reach into new and existing markets.
One-stop-shop SIP Trunk solutions provide one single interconnection between an organization’s telecom infrastructure and the SIP Trunk provider via VoIP, enabling unified communications across multiple sites. It enables efficient handling of conference, video, and voice calls over a single SIP Trunk. Businesses can improve the customer’s quality of experience, and enable omnichannel collaboration to increase productivity and efficiency. No investment in new hardware and infrastructure is required, allowing Capex and Opex to be controlled.
Any SIP Trunk solution should include virtual numbers that are compliant with local regulations such as licensing, lawful intercept, and emergency calling capabilities. Embedded fraud prevention capabilities help organizations to proactively monitor fraudulent calls made or received in their network, resulting in secure communications networks.
Digital transformation is revolutionizing how organizations communicate within the workplace and with their customer base. Driven by ever-evolving customer demand for better service and pressure to grow margins, cloud communications has become business critical. The right SIP Trunk will improve the quality of an enterprise’s cloud infrastructure, enabling them to enhance the customer experience, grow profit margins, and expand globally.
BICS SIP Trunking services interconnect multi-channel cloud-based communications, providing a single global infrastructure that delivers voice and data communications. If you are a multinational, multi-site organization, require unified communications or you want to overhaul your customer services, then download our recent white paper here, discussing the six ways a SIP Trunk solution will add value to your cloud communications strategy.