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Network Testing the Fluke Way

Fluke Networks continues to improve its LinkSprinter network testers and Link-Live Cloud services. The latest LinkSprinter, Model 300, for example, adds a cable test and the ability to "flash" a switch port.

The cable test is definitely a welcome feature. Not only will the LinkSprinter 300 tell you whether your cable pairs are good or not, but also give you the drop length and detect pair issues.

Likewise, the ability to flash a switch port comes in handy when trying to find where a cable-drop ends. This otherwise can sometimes be time consuming, especially when the cabling infrastructure has been poorly documented or cabling moves, adds, changes, and deletes have gotten out of hand. The LinkSprinter 300 will disable the switch port LED so you can identify which cable is connected to a specific port on a LAN switch.


Link-Live Cloud Essential services are free with all LinkSprinter models and offer unlimited storage of test results. Job Pro is a one- or three-year subscription with pricing based on Tier 1 (1-10 testers), Tier 2 (11-20 testers) and Tier 3 (Enterprise +20 testers). Job Pro provides the ability to organize test results into folders, sort test results and create customized reports. Network testers can upload voice notes and photos for annotation of individual test results. These can serve as solid documentation and provide visual reminders for reference.

Fluke Networks has delivered a Tier 1 tool that is essential for identifying and isolating network infrastructure issues within minutes. The use of Link-Live Cloud services provide value add in documenting issues on a job site. A key performance indicator is mean-time-to-identify and repair, and having the right tools in place at the needed time will ensure improved metrics and higher levels of service.

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