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Multiple Computer Monitors

Years ago, when I saw a software developer with 3 computer monitors, I thought" "What a geek." Now that I have 3, am I a geek, or just another highly productive employee here in the 21st century? Why do I need 3 monitors?

1. Communication--Web conferences, chatting, presence, soft-phone (Skype), RSS feed, and email, since I am always communicating with people. No Twitter yet....

2. Information--Between file shares and collaboration suites, Internet searches, and old documents, I am constantly looking for and finding information.

3. Projects--Getting real work with real value done using my primary/center monitor. I get paid to create content, not just consume it.

Using 3 monitors keeps me from having to constantly open and close windows and allows me to stay 100% "connected" while also getting real work done. My job in IT architecture requires a lot of interaction with others along with some research, analysis and documentation on my own. Multi-tasking enables me to be more efficient and effective at achieving the objectives of my position.

When I am on the road, the single monitor on my laptop slows me down. So, I am waiting for Apple, Dell, HP--to come up with a 3 monitor laptop.