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Glance Offers Video CX at the Click of a Button

For simple requests, often the quickest, easiest route for customers to resolve their issues is by visiting a company’s FAQ page or calling the customer service line. But for more complicated issues, customers — and customer service reps — might find it easier to talk it out face-to-face. Increasingly, those encounters are coming the way of cloud-based video.
Towards that end, visual engagement provider Glance Networks this week announced the availability of Glance Video, a service that allows enterprises to embed video capabilities into their websites via JavaScript or mobile apps via an SDK, Andy Norman, solutions architect for Glance, told No Jitter during a briefing. Compatible with major browsers, Glance Video allows customers and agents to join ad hoc video calls without the need of leaving a site or app, Norman said. The mobile app SDK also features embed voice capabilities, which allows customers to initiate a SIP session directly from the app, he added.
And, because Glance Video is a cloud service, companies can integrate it with CRM platforms, contact center systems, and other workflows, customizing how customers request video meetings with agents and vice versa, Norman said.
While not designed as a standalone video meeting service, Glance Video can be used independently or with Glance's other visual engagement tools like co-browsing, screen sharing, and mobile app sharing, Norman said. And though there is no technical limit to the number of users who can join a meeting, Glance Video works best for video calls of two to 10 participants, he noted.
For industries like finances and healthcare, video provides the opportunity for a more personalized, guided experience, Tom Martin, CEO of Glance, told No Jitter in the same briefing. While acknowledging the benefits of chatbots and other CX-related AI technologies, Martin said, “they don't do a great job of dispensing advice or building relationships that enable trust and also deliver emotionally resonant experiences.”
Martin went on to share the use case of how a financial institution could embed Glance Video into its digital mortgage process so that a customer could video call an agent during “critical advisory moments.” Similarly, in the case of wealth management, customers and financial institute representatives could use Glance Video to collaborate, which might require people to join the video call on the fly, he added.
Looking to the future, Glance will continue to develop JavaScript tools like Glance Video to engage customers while also finding new ways to deliver contact center technology and functionality to users in a distributed environment, Martin said.