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Empower Supervisors to Meet Evolving Contact Center Demands

This past year has brought about tremendous change — especially for contact centers, with many forced to pivot overnight to a remote agent model. The pandemic caused a significant increase of customers reaching out to contact centers, whether with voice calls, emails, or other channels, oftentimes overloading agents. As a result, the focus has quickly shifted to ensuring agents and supervisors are set up for success in this new working paradigm.
We know that businesses must create highly tailored agent, supervisor, and customer experiences to survive and grow, a daunting challenge in today’s landscape. In order to thrive, companies must treat customer care as an ever-changing dilemma; you wouldn't choose static, inflexible technology to solve a fundamentally dynamic problem. Agility and flexibility are key ingredients to success, for supervisors, agents, and customers alike.
In this situation, it’s critical that supervisors have their finger on the pulse of the contact center and understand what is happening in real-time. As businesses adjust and reimagine their contact centers to fit a hybrid working model, supervisors will need a flexible solution to support the constant change delivered by today’s environment.
An agile contact content center solution delivers flexibility that empowers supervisors to meet and exceed challenges brought about by constant change. Supervisors can track conversations over multiple channels, analyzing trends and agent performance. With these key insights, they are able to proactively ensure a consistent experience for all customers. As digital transactions increase, expectations for agents are increasing as well, and the supervisor plays a significant role in ensuring their success.
We encourage you to watch and explore the Flex Interactive Supervisor demo. It shows you how a supervisor can take a glance at the contact center or can drill down into the granular data that matters to them — from monitoring agents and tracking conversations across all channels, to analyzing trends in agents’ performance and creating custom reports that suit their needs.
Flex provides supervisors with all the insights they need to monitor the contact center performance at their fingertips, while coaching agents in real time. See how flexibility through programmability puts the power back into the supervisor’s hands!