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How You can Prevent Packet Loss

If you’ve ever been on a call when someone on your team starts sound a bit robotic, then you know how annoying packet loss can be. But packet loss can be far more troublesome, causing bad experiences that can be detrimental to the business.
A variety of issues can lead to packet loss. These include a slow down in network speeds, bottlenecks, and network throughput and bandwidth. And, notably, packet loss isn’t just a VoIP problem. It can affect your overall IT network, creating a multitude of problems that will plaque IT administrators.
Spending money on extra IT infrastructure and more bandwidth is at best a short-term fix that leaves the root cause unaddressed. What you really need to do is probe into the why behind the packet loss, examining common culprits such as:
  • Problems with network hardware
  • Software bugs
  • Security threats
  • Network congestion
Once you’ve discovered the root cause, you can better determine the solution best suited to addressing packet loss on your network.
Read the full post for more details on how to identify root cause and how to help solve your packet loss problem with the help of Voxbone solutions.