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Cisco's iPhone

A few years ago, before the adoption and final ratification of the "n" standard, I wrote about my experiences with the Belkin Pre-n and still today, that same unit is in and working with great results- and I think even better with our new iMacs that we installed at the end of 2007.

Why are the Cisco iPhone and others like it important to enterprse?

Remote workers, aka telecommuters or tele-workers. If you're not on the green and telecommuter bandwagon then you're probably missing out on benefits. You should also check out Cisco's new G-phone. I'll be testing this gizmo and will let you know more later. Think green because when you do- the dollars can flow both directions. After you look at Cisco, check out Plantronics (booth 1323) and ask them about compatible products with this phone. Plantronics has a white paper (unreleased, unfortunately), that is a great study in understanding the ergonomics and work habits /conditions of home workers.