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No Jitter Roll: SIPPIO and Clerk Chat have a new messaging solution and Veritone’s AI solutions debut on AWS Marketplace

Welcome to this week’s No Jitter Roll, our regular roundup of product news in the communication and collaboration spaces. Leading off this week, we highlight: SIPPIO and Clerk Chat’s launch of their new text messaging solution for Teams, IBM and Salesforce’s announcement on bring watsonx AI and the Einstein 1 Platform together, and Veritone’s AI solutions becoming available on AWS Marketplace.

Also, Atento launches Atento AI Studio and Cognigy announces their AI Sales and Marketing Agents.


SIPPIO and Clerk Chat Launch New Messaging Solution for Teams

SIPPIO and Clerk Chat teamed up to launch SIPPIO Text Messaging by Clerk Chat. The messaging service integrates SMS/MMS and WhatsApp Business into Microsoft Teams (Apple Messages for Business coming soon). Key features of SIPPIO Text Messaging by Clerk Chat are integrated messaging capabilities with Teams Phone users, contact group customization, AI-driven assistants for scalable conversations, and workflows to design communication flows.

Sippio-Clerk Chat

IBM and Salesforce Expand Partnership

IBM and Salesforce have announced an expansion to their partnership that will bring IBM watsonx AI and Data Platform capabilities together with Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Platform.

Using IBM watsonx and the Einstein 1 Platform, customers can also use IBM Granite series AI models for industry content generation, field summarization, and classification.

IBM has also joined the Salesforce Zero Copy Partner Network, a network of technology and solution providers who are building bidirectional zero copy integrations with Salesforce Data Cloud, which will allow customers to access IBM through Salesforce Data Cloud. This allows the data to be accessed in a zero copy pattern, enabling businesses to keep their data in it’s original location while accessing external data.


Veritone Announces AI Solutions

The AI technology company announced that its public sector solutions are now available in AWS Marketplace. These solutions include:

  • Veritone Investigate – a central evidence hub to store, manage, analyze, and share digital evidence files of any media type that uses AI models to catalog data with audio, video, and PDF evidence files
  • Veritone Redact – an AI-powered automation for redacting sensitive information in audio, video, and image-based evidence
  • Veritone Illuminate – allows customers to search, discover, analyze, cull, translate, and explore electronically stored information

Jon Gacek, general manager, Public Sector, Veritone, said, “This collaboration underscores our commitment to empowering government agencies and legal and education customers with AI-driven solutions that enhance productivity, streamline workflows, accelerate investigations and comply with regulations."

(Author note: Read Eric Krapf's article on AI, data, and productivity)


Atento Launches AI Studio

Atento, a CRM/BTO provider, has launched Atento AI Studio, a solution which integrates real-time data for customer service agents, with the option to offer that data via a chatbot. The platform is based on Atento Insights, Atento Knowledge, and Atento Conversations.


Cognigy Announces AI Agents

Cognigy announced its AI Agents for Sales and Marketing, which are designed to improve customer engagement through proactive personalization and intelligent interaction to anticipate customer needs and drive sales growth. The AI Agents can automate renewals, upselling, sales activation, and outbound scheduling.

The AI Agents will debut at Customer Contact Week Las Vegas from June 3-6.