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No Jitter Roll: RingCentral Launches Events and RingCX Goes GA; Uniphore Integrates Generative AI; Crestron, Q-SYS, Lenovo and Jabra All Debut New A/V Collaboration Solutions

Welcome to this week’s No Jitter Roll, our regular roundup of product news in the communication and collaboration spaces. This week: RingCentral launches a new events platform and its contact center solution RingCX is now generally available. Uniphore brings generative AI capabilities to its X Platform. Crestron announces Automate VX, which enables voice-activated tracking of people speaking. Lenovo and Jabra launch the co-branded ThinkSmart Bar 180 Solution for small and medium meeting spaces, and Q-SYS delivers spatial audio for Microsoft Signature Teams Rooms. Wrike updates its Work Intelligence platform with new features and Superhuman launches for Microsoft Teams while also incorporating auto-summarization. Finally, ServiceNow expands generative AI into three more of its solutions and Cognigy launches AI Copilot for agents.

RingCentral Introduces Events and Availability of RingCX

The cloud-based unified communications, collaboration and contact center provider announced the general availability of RingCX and introduced RingCentral Events. In August 2023, RingCentral acquired select assets from Hopin which have since become Events.

RingCentral Events supports virtual, hybrid and onsite events with native registration, analytics, mobile app, check-in, badge printing, and lead retrieval, as well as integrations for apps and data. Event experiences can be custom branded and the events themselves can scale to more than 100,000 attendees. Generative AI-based capabilities for generating content, categorization and video clips will be added. Pricing for holding an unlimited number of events with up to 100 attendees each starts at $750/year.

First announced in August 2023, RingCX is a CCaaS solution powered by the RingSense AI platform and is integrated with RingCentral MVP (the company’s UCaaS platform). RingCX provides multiple AI-powered features, including insights from prior customer conversations, real-time automatic summaries of the interaction, and post-call transcriptions, action items, and summaries. The CCaaS product also includes a native workforce engagement management (WEM) add-on (currently in beta) that generative AI-based automated quality management, coaching, and conversation analytics.

RingCX currently integrates with Salesforce, Zendesk, Cognigy, Google DialogFlow,, Balto and Calabrio. Forthcoming integrations include Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, and ServiceNow. RingCX is available in the U.S., Canada, and UK, with France and Germany coming later in the fourth quarter of 2023. RingCX is priced at $65 per agent per month (based on annual prepay pricing).

Want to know more?

Analyst and regular No Jitter contributor Sheila McGee-Smith offered a deep dive on RingCX. And, back in August 2023, Dave Michels provided his take on the initial announcement of RingCX.

Uniphore’s X Platform Advances Enterprise AI Capabilities

The provider of multimodal AI-powered enterprise solutions announced several new capabilities to the Uniphore X Platform including:

  • U-Assist: An application that will help managers support and enhance agent performance in real time.
  • U-Self Serve via WhatsApp: To potentially drive better call deflection and containment rates, this now includes enhanced Gen AI capabilities (e.g., training sentences, document cognition, dialog modification, zero shot models, and repeat responses)
  • Q for Sales: Now includes improved meeting summarization that incorporates buyer reactions and sentiment.
  • U Capture: cloud-enabled voice and screen recording and streaming.

Uniphore’s AI solution is “multimodal” because it uses multiple types of data sources: voice, video and text.

Crestron Announces Automate VX Feature Updates

The collaboration technology vendor provider announced new intelligence features that will improve the framing for the Crestron Automate VX voice-activated speaker-tracking solution. Designed for large and extra-large rooms, the Automate VX system places multiple optical zoom cameras around the room and employing voice-activated switching that moves the appropriate camera(s) between those speaking. This update adds facial and torso detection intelligence, allowing the cameras to track body movements and reframe participants based on their position within the frame. For example, if a meeting participant resituates in their seat, Automate VX can detect those motions and reframe the participant so they are always centered in the shot.

Lenovo and Jabra Collaborate on New ThinkSmart Bar 180 Solution

Designed for small and medium meeting spaces the co-branded Lenovo/Jabra ThinkSmart Bar 180. The new audio/video bar features a 180-degree field of view via a three camera system which provides panoramic coverage in 4K resolution through real-time video stitching. The bar includes three configurable video modes— Intelligent Zoom, Virtual Director, and Dynamic Composition:

  • Intelligent Zoom: the smart camera frames those present within the 180-degree field of view and dynamically adjusts as they enter, leave, and move about the room.
  • Virtual Director: Focuses on the active speaker and changes the focus from person to person as the conversation flows.
  • Dynamic Composition: Meeting participants are automatically detected and prioritization is given to recent speakers.

The microphones can identify the voices of up to ten meeting participants in a room. The dual-stream whiteboard feature simultaneously displays whiteboard content and in-room participants. The ThinkSmart Bar 180 intelligent video bar integrates with the Lenovo ThinkSmart Core and Controller. The bar will be available in select markets worldwide from the first quarter of 2024, starting from US$1,605 for the standalone device, and starting from US$4,099 for a full room kit.

Q-SYS Delivers Spatial Audio for Microsoft Signature Teams Rooms

Q-SYS provides a cloud-manageable audio, video and control (AV&C) platform. It announced a Certified for Microsoft Teams solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms that supports spatial audio. The Q-SYS spatial audio solution includes any Teams-certified Q-SYS Core processor, SPA Series amplifiers, AcousticDesign Series surface mount loudspeakers, and the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) beamforming microphone array. This solution allows the voices of meeting participants to come from their relative positions on the Signature Teams Room screen.

Wrike Updates Its Work Intelligence Platform

The work platform management platform provider updated its Wrike Work Intelligence solution, including Wrike’s copilot for work management which is a new AI-powered assistant that provides analysis and insights across Wrike-managed projects, tasks, workflows and documents. Wrike Datahub is an integrated data repository that brings siloed data housed outside of Wrike into the platform. Wrike Analytics delivers a new real-time chart view and customizable dashboards that provide insight across teams and projects into progress, risks, cost, and alignment to budget, work, and resource distribution, among others. Finally, the User Attributes feature allows managers to configure and track detailed skills information about individual team members (e.g., languages spoken, location, availability) which can then feed into Wrike Resource Management for team resource allocation, planning, hiring, etc.

Superhuman Launches for Microsoft Teams and its AI Now Includes Auto Summarize

Superhuman began with the mission of building “a modern email experience for high-performing teams.” The company has since launched Superhuman for Teams which includes several key features:

  • Team Snippets: Lets users create saved templates for frequently sent emails which can also be shared with other team members.
  • Team Read Statuses: If a user is copied on an email, read status (has it been opened, how many times and on what device) is shared across your team, so anybody can follow up with full context.
  • Team Reply Indicators: See when your team is replying.
  • Team Scheduling: See when team members on an email thread are available so that meetings can be scheduled.

The new Superhuman Auto-Summarize feature provides a one-line summary above every conversation and, as new emails arrive, that summary is updated. For more detail, users press "M" for a bulleted summary of the thread.

ServiceNow Expands Now Assist Generative AI Portfolio

The digital workflow company has embedded three generative AI solutions – Now Assist in Virtual Agent, flow generation, and Now Assist for Field Service Management (FSM) – into the ServiceNow Platform. Now Assist in Virtual Agent helps organizations create and deploy generative AI chat experiences. Flow generation on the Now Platform helps admins and developers by converting plain text into low-code workflows. Now Assist for FSM uses generative AI to access activity, parts, and incidental data to summarize work order tasks.

Cognigy Launches AI Copilot for Contact Center Agents

The conversational AI platform provider launched the Cognigy AI Copilot which provides multiple pre-built capabilities including:

  • Identity Assist: Provides contextual handover
  • Knowledge Assist: Surfaces information and knowledge sources in real time
  • Action Assist: Guides agents through customer interaction processes.
  • Language Assist: Helps enable agents support customers in their native language.
  • Wrap-Up Assist: Automates post-call work.

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