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No Jitter Roll: An Observability Platform for Contact Centers, a Teams-Certified Speaker Bar and a Contact Center Automation Solution

Welcome to this week’s No Jitter Roll, our regular roundup of product news in the communication and collaboration spaces. This week: as part of its cloud contact center Harmony update, Operata launches its generative AI-powered Tenor AI; Nureva debuts its Microsoft Teams-certified microphone and speaker bar for large rooms; Ooma backs up POTS with its AirDial auto-failover Multipath technology; Intradiem's ACD and WFM contact center automation solutions are now available on Genesys AppFoundry; and Cyara augments its conversational AI testing by acquiring QBox.

Operata Launches AI-powered CX Observability Copilots

Providing what it terms a “CX observability platform” for cloud contact centers, Operata has announced the general availability of the Harmony release of its Operata Platform, which introduces Tenor AI. The suite of CX observability tools includes:

  • AI Featured Insights: A real-time feed of Tenor AI recommendations to improve key metrics (e.g., call abandonment, call transfers, service availability, service quality).
  • AX Copilot: Operata’s Agent Messenger is now an Agent Experience Copilot powered by Tenor AI. It will recommend corrective actions and best practices for agents.
  • CX Copilot (BETA): Uses natural language to interact with and uncover insights in data.
  • Enhanced Event Streams: A data pipeline for integration with existing data infrastructure including WFM, WFO, Data Lakes, and operational tools via real-time event streaming using AWS EventBridge or webhooks.

Tenor AI is built on Operata’s data – more than 270 million customer interactions, 650 million agent minutes, and 1 trillion data points. The Operata Platform supports Amazon Connect, Genesys Cloud CX, and NICE CXone.

HDL410 Audio System Now Certified for Microsoft Teams

The audio conferencing solutions provider announced that the HDL410 microphone and speaker bar solution has been certified for extra-large Microsoft Teams Rooms. The system uses two wall-mounted microphone and speaker bars to create a unified coverage map that covers spaces up to 35' x 55' (10.7 x 16.8 m). Nureva said the HDL410 can be installed in under an hour and auto calibrates to the acoustic properties of the room at first start-up and continuously thereafter. Monitoring and management of the system is performed via the Nureva Console, a secure, cloud-based platform.

Ooma Adds Patented MultiPath Technology to Ooma AirDial

The smart communications platform provider announced that the Ooma AirDial solution for POTS replacement now has uninterrupted backup for life-safety devices such as fire alarm panels and elevator phones. MultiPath creates a continuous dual connection between AirDial and the PSTN by transmitting data packets simultaneously through AirDial’s LTE network and the customer’s existing broadband network, then monitors data packet flow to ensure the best connection is the one being used.

Intradiem Contact Center Automation Solutions Now Available on Genesys AppFoundry

The provider of ACD and WFM solutions announced that contact centers using Genesys Cloud CX can now download and integrate Intradiem’s portfolio of contact center automation solutions directly from the Genesys AppFoundry marketplace.

Cyara Buys QBox; Cyara Solutions Now Available on NICE CX exchange

Cyara, the AI-powered CX assurance platform provider, bought conversational AI testing company QBox. This acquisition of Qbox combines Cyara’s CX assurance capabilities with QBox’s natural language processing (NLP) approach to testing conversational AI applications. Among other capabilities, QBox monitors real customer interactions to identify where the bot is performing well, and where it is failing to meet customer needs. Cyara says its approach to bot monitoring involves executing a test case to perform a health check and make sure the bot is responding appropriately to critical use cases. Thus, the QBox approach is complementary.

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