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Wishes for the "Smart" Contact Center

Is it possible to dream of the immediate, less than 2 minute call with a contact center? What if prior to answering a call, they knew who I was, what I wanted, and where I was, and how/when I can be contacted without me having to spend 3 minutes with an IVR? 1) A picture is worth a thousand words. The ability to send pictures/video from my cell phone to an agent.

2) Remember me. We have cookies in the web world, why not in the phone world?

3) Location, Location, Location. Hey, my cell phone knows where I am, do you?

4) Now! So you, the agent, do not have the information/authority to solve my problem. Please do not place the burden on me to find the information/people. Service is about solving the question/issue. Presence, collaboration, conferencing...the tools are there.

5)What did you say? Sorry, but my XYZ language/accent skills are not that good. Why, when someone is speaking, can we not translate this into text?

6) What did you say? Call quality can be better, my music sure is. G.722 anyone?

7) One number. So I used one number to buy your product, now I have questions/issues. What, there are different numbers for shipping, service, paying? Your company has one primary URL, why not one number?

8) Call back later. You will accept my orders 24/7, but only service me 8/5. Well, can I at least set up an appointment? There is an exception to your automated processes that we need to talk about.

9) What is the true story? Calling, emailing, and surfing your web site, and getting different information, what should I believe? Should I play one against the other?

10) Please wait. It is not polite to accept a call if you are not going to answer it. Can I at least know about how long I will be on hold - minute, hour, day, ...?

When I call my friends and family on our smart phones, we can share pictures/video, they know who it is when I call, we can conference others easily, we both know where the other is at, and I know if they are busy. My wish is that I can communicate with a contact center the way I communicate with friends and family, which is basically enriching the voice communication with information (pictures/video, location, presence, history, conferencing, schedule...).

I have this "Smart" phone and I want to contact a "Smart" contact center.