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Why Cloud UC Is Key to Improved Customer Experience

The capabilities afforded by unified communications technology should be transforming consumer experiences. However, not all UC deployment models are alike, and a blanket mindset toward adding new features in the name of customer service isn't enough.

For example, the type of communications capabilities needed for a regional healthcare clinic serving a primarily aging population is likely different from those important to a national bank aimed at serving millennials in metropolitan areas. Organizations and businesses need to take a step back, review their customer services, and determine whether they're the ones most needed to transform the experiences of their specific user bases.

While the specifics of the communications technology in use may vary based on industry, one aspect to improving the customer experience cuts across the board: the cloud.

A Cloud-shaped Key Unlocks the Door

Cloud-based UC solutions can help improve the customer experience, regardless of industry, through a multitude of benefits.

  1. Flexibility -- On-premises solutions typically lack scalability and flexibility when stacked up against cloud solutions. Hosted services offer simplified network and telecommunications operations that support and deliver quality communications through a variety of media options. The massive influx of multiple devices on a single network -- over 8.4 billion connected devices currently in use around the world, according to Gartner -- can be disastrous for organizations dependent on traditional systems.

    Cloud solutions offer flexibility and scalability even during the busiest of times, including holidays or peak call time hours. This allows organizations the ability to scale up or down without compromising the customer experience. And, as today's customers are desiring communications with organizations across multiple channels, the flexibility to allow cross-channel movement is only making the cloud stronger.

  2. Efficiency -- One of the most significant ways that cloud-based solutions are the key to an enhanced customer experience is through increased efficiency. With cloud-based UC applications, employees can see data in real time, so they can make immediate changes to improve the overall consumer experience. Communication gaps can also be easily bridged with cloud solutions as communication is placed into one simple interface allowing employees to reach consumers easily and prevent miscommunication.

    A 2011 Webtorials state-of-the-market report on UC and cloud-based services for SMBs found that activities most impacting worker productivity included trying to contact customers, locating key business information, or duplicating communication efforts with multiple channels. While the 2017 ecosystem is vastly different, these efficiency pain points arguably still exist in many areas where leveraging cloud technology could help with improved tracking and measurement as well as information accessibility.

  3. Broader Reach -- Consumers' communication preferences continue to differ depending on the task. For instance, while a user may prefer to schedule a routine medical appointment through chat or SMS, that same person may prefer to speak to someone at the clinic over the phone when scheduling a more specialized appointment. With a variety of communication preferences, organizations able to offer multiple modes of communication possibilities through multi-tool integration can reach more consumers in a way that satisfies them uniquely through personalized experiences each time.

Overall, cloud-based UC solutions are more than just a platform for helping business productivity. With consumer preference driving industries around the world, UC is also the door to the future of improved customer experience -- and cloud enablement is the key.