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Waiting for WebRTC is Bad for your Health

Do you have a need for real-time communications? To connect to your customers? Potential buyers? Maybe internal communications? Or is there a new service you need to launch that requires a bit of voice and maybe video?

Tough luck for you. WebRTC is still a draft, with no real end in sight (they tell me there is, but they promised that one already). Without a standardized, physical 1.0 document--how the hell should you be developing anything?

I guess you are waiting, sitting on the fence and letting others sweat it out.

You know what they say--first mover advantage. Well, you are losing it....

WebRTC isn't for the faint of heart. It is a moving target. Changes are made in the interfaces of browsers and you'll need to keep up.

But wait! Over 300 other vendors are already trying to keep up. You are going to be left behind. And for what? For not wanting to touch something that is still a draft.

I'll let you in on a secret: The number of deployed SIP-based VoIP endpoints worldwide is smaller than the number of deployed WebRTC-enabled browsers today. There's your missed opportunity.

Complain all you want about missing support in some browsers or the need to sweat a bit to make it run on mobile.

Take the time to learn the technology, understand its challenges and find your opportunities.

Assign a few good developers to tinker with it, and come up with some interesting uses for it inside your enterprise.

You are missing out on all those new interactions you could create and monetize.

Such a shame.

Learn more about WebRTC and attend Tsahi Levent-Levi's session at Enterprise Connect Orlando 2014!