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What to Know About Video and Audio Visual (AV) Technology


Photo of a videoconference
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While remote work and far-flung conference calls existed before the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown accelerated adoption of more user-friendly, modular and technologically sophisticated audio and video tools – which includes unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and other collaboration platforms. It also introduced a new need for conference room technology that worked for both in-person and remote attendees. And finally – virtual reality keeps trying to make inroads into the enterprise.

In this guide, we offer an overview of how to equip employees, whether they be hybrid, remote or on-site, with the tools they need to optimize communication and collaboration.


Efficient Business Video Creation: The Pre-Stream Checklist

A growing community of professionals finds themselves stepping into the realm of video content creation for business. Whether it's recording presentations, hosting webinars, producing training materials, or even live streaming, the demand for high-quality video content in the workplace has never been greater.


It’s Time to Start Recording All Your Video Meetings

Businesses that fail to record employees’ video meetings as a matter of policy are letting corporate knowledge – and long-term competitive advantage – vanish into thin air.


There’s More to a Video Call Then Meets the Eye

Video meetings are common-practice, but some companies are missing out on the opportunity to make data-driven decisions.


Customer-Facing Video: UCaaS Vs. Embedded Video?

Employees and consumers have become more comfortable with videoconferencing, which begs the questions: Do organizations bring video support into the contact center via an enterprise communications/collaboration platform, or does it embed video within its sales and service applications?


What Comes After Video?

Some enterprises are testing virtual reality (VR) even as augmented reality (AR) is becoming more prevalent in customer experience applications.


The Future of VR in Enterprise Collaboration Isn’t Clear

Recent developments in Virtual Reality technology show Meta pulling the plug on Workplace and Whiteboards, and Apple's collaboration with Webex for Apple Vision Pro showing promise.


The Office Needs a Hardware Edge to Attract Employees

Collaboration hardware holds the potential to transform offices into hubs delivering superior employee experience.


Stellar Audio: Invisible Tech Can Make, Break Collaboration

Hybrid workforces dependent on virtual collaboration tools should put a priority on equipment with excellent audio quality.