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Veriflow Yields Better Network Management

Enterprise network infrastructures are complex, and having to deal with virtual networks and multiple best-in-class cloud providers interwoven with on-premises networks creates ever-greater challenges for network managers. According to Veriflow, 97% of outages originate from a human fault. This is a significant management problem.

To address this problem, Veriflow applies a mathematical solution, formal verification, to eliminate human error, Dr. Brighten Godfrey, co-founder and CTO of Veriflow, told me in a briefing. As opposed to a sampling of how a system responds to test cases, formal verification proves that the entire system achieves the desired property by verifying that the network segmentation will function in an intended manner.

To accomplish this, Veriflow builds a complete model that represents all ways that data flows through a network. This formal verification process takes the guesswork out of implementing network changes.

A key concept to understand is that complexity can be managed, which Veriflow does for complex networks facing rapid changes with layers of technology. Through predictability and formal verification, Veriflow validates whether the intent (Intent is based on business needs and goals) matches reality.

Network administrators need visualization and consoles, portals, and many tools to gain understanding, Godfrey said.

But defining the management problem is more than blaming complexity and visualizing results. Errors can result when people touch a network, as well as through the numerous moves-adds-changes-deletions that occur during a normal business day. Couple this with resistance to patch and change, and vulnerabilities will linger – and this isn't to mention the ever-changing traffic patterns and business demands placed on networks.

Through Veriflow's service, network agility improves through the reduction of human error, unforeseen capacity issues, and security vulnerabilities.

With this type of predictability, network managers can be more than proactive. They have the ability to respond faster and decrease mean time to repair and restore.

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