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No Jitter Roll: Five for Friday

In this week’s No Jitter Roll, we share the latest Slack feature, integration updates from Fuze and Front, a compliance recording solution for Microsoft Teams, and enhancements to LogMeIn’s customer engagement management platform.
Slack Lets You Work in the Dark
Kicking off this week’s roundup, we start with news from team collaboration platform provider Slack, which rolled out dark mode for desktop users.
Slack users who prefer a black background or need to configure their software to address visual impairments, migraines, or other visual disorders can now toggle between light and dark modes. To adjust between light and dark themes, Slack instructs users to click on their name in the left sidebar, select preferences, and then themes. They must select a mode of choice device by device, rather than being able to apply it universally. Additionally, Slack added new themes specifically for dark mode, the company said.
Dark mode for Slack
Dark mode is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux devices, Slack said.
Fuze Integrates With Slack
Moving over to the integration side, UCaaS provider Fuze announced a Slack integration for its UCaaS platform. The integration will allow users to click to a Slack conversation from within a Fuze call or meeting, according to Fuze. Additionally, Fuze users will be able to utilize Slack commands.
‘WhatsApp’ With Front
With the integration, work teams can manage WhatsApp conversations directly from their shared Front inboxes. A customer support team, for example, could share product inquiries coming in via WhatsApp, then delegate the response and track the reply. The integration is powered by Twilio; as such, Front users must have a WhatsApp-enabled number from Twilio in order to add the WhatsApp channel to their Front client, the company said.
A gif of the WhatsApp integration
The WhatsApp integration is available for Front Pro and Enterprise level plan subscribers, Front said.
Numonix ‘Teams’ on Microsoft Compliance Recording
In other collaboration news, UC recording provider Numonix is developing a cloud-delivered API-based compliance recording solution for Microsoft Teams. Numonix already offers a recording service for Microsoft Skype for Business.
Available via the Numonix IX Cloud platform, and delivered from Microsoft Azure, the new recording as-a-service functionality will allow users to record, store, and analyze their Teams interactions.
Numonix has yet to announce a release date for the service.
LogMeIn Optimizes Bold360, Receives ISO 27001 Cert
Lastly, remote access provider LogMeIn this week made several enhancements to its AI-based Bold360 customer engagement suite and announced the platform has met ISO 27001 certification requirements.
The changes to the Bold360 suite primarily revolve around improving its Search Optimizer and Monitor View for supervisors and managers. Enhancements made to the Bold360 Search Optimizer include search and filter capabilities based on customer intents, an interface to manage unanswered or muted intents, and the ability to add urgency to unresolved items or ask for more information, LogMeIn said.
With updates to the Monitor View, administrators will have one-click access and monitoring for live chats, chatbot engagements, emails, SMS texts, and messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, LogMeIn said. For agents, a new chat flagging feature will provide the ability to mark engagements for follow up or supervisor approval. By utilizing the Monitor View, supervisors can filter these flags to keep tabs on open engagements, LogMeIn said.
In addition to meeting ISO 27001 certification requirements, Bold360 will offer IP whitelisting for agent logins. This allows administrators the ability to restrict agents’ access to Bold360 Web Workspace.
“Changing customer expectations are shifting the dynamic of customer service teams across the board. In particular, a supervisor’s role is evolving from task master and policy enforcer to coach and strategic decision-maker,” said Ryan Lester, senior director of customer engagement technologies, LogMeIn.
The enhancements are available across Bold360 three-tiered service plan (Agent, Service, and Advise), LogMeIn said.