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No Jitter Roll: UC Platform Updates, Hybrid Work Technologies


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This week Fuze releases UC platform updates, Dell announces a videoconferencing monitor for the at-home and in-person office, and Lenovo launches flexible displays for the home office and conference room. Plus, BlueJeans by Verizon and Google collaborate on Google Glass, and Canon introduced a collaboration tool for the hybrid work experience.
Fuze Releases UC Platform Updates for Users and Administrators
Cloud communications provider Fuze announced several updates to its product portfolio. The product updates are expected in Q1. They include:
  • Fuze Contact Center: Fuze added chat-based routing to its contact center platform. Organizations can now add web chat to Fuze Contact Center, provide multi-channel queuing to customers, and allow agents to handle voice and chat interactions in the Fuze application. Additional updates include a new agent view for enhanced access to queue activity, alert administration, and recording indicators.
  • Fuze for Teams: Direct Routing and Click-to-Connect users now have access to a Fuze for Teams add-on. Fuze also released a provisioning system for enhanced workflows and customer experience for Teams Direct Routing.
  • Call Flow Manager: Administrators can benefit from new call flow and menu management features such as visualizations, sound file editing, ring group management. They can also create and edit schedules on the fly.
  • Emergency Services: Administrators or end users can update their location within the Fuze platform, update their location via network mapping, and leverage mobile GPS for location services.
Fuze also updated its browser extension to support click-to-message from any website or web-based CRM.
Dell Videoconferencing Monitor Complements Home and Office
Dell announced the Dell UltraSharp 32 4K Videoconferencing Monitor, featuring the company’s UltraSharp Webcam, echo canceling dual-array microphones, and 14-watt speakers.
Similar to the rest of Dell’s videoconferencing monitors, the UltraSharp 32 4K Videoconferencing Monitor is Microsoft Teams certified. Other features include the ability to turn on and off mute, enable or disable the camera with SafeShutter, and quickly sign in and out.
On March 29, the Dell UltraSharp 32 4K Videoconferencing Monitor (U3223QZ) will be available worldwide. Pricing will be confirmed closer to the shipping date.
Lenovo Launches Flexible Displays for Home Office and Conference Room
Lenovo added a new generation of its P series 27-inch professional monitors to its ThinkVision portfolio. The updated product is the latest update of Lenovo’s displays for office and conferences rooms, as Lenovo debuted the ThinkVision T86, T75, and T65 large format displays, all of which feature integrated whiteboard software, built-in speakers, microphones, and a modular webcam, in December 2020.
BlueJeans by Verizon and Google Partner on Remote Work
Verizon Business announced the availability of BlueJeans Meetings preloaded onto Verizon-sold Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 devices. For a limited time, customers can save up to $700 off the Glass Enterprise Edition 2 when purchased with a Pixel 6 android phone. For approximately $1,140, business customers can purchase Glass Enterprise Edition 2 with BlueJeans preloaded from Verizon.
Canon Creates Collaborative Work Tool for Hybrid Experiences
Canon introduced Activate My Line of Sight (AMLOS), a software solution designed to work with Microsoft Teams and Azure by giving a single camera the ability to enable multiple lines of sight, useful in hybrid meetings where some participants are in a meeting room and others participating remotely. A person in an office can start a meeting with AMLOS by making a hand gesture then inviting remote colleagues to join. Remote users can zoom in on areas that the in-room participant focuses on (like an object on a table) by dragging and dropping on their device screen. In-office users can also use hand gestures to identify what they choose to share with remote participants.
AMLOS software will be available in the first half of 2022. It will be compatible with Canon's CR-N300 and CR-N500 PTZ cameras.