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Managing Regulatory Complexity While Transitioning to UCaaS and CCaaS

More companies around the world today are embracing cloud-based unified communications and contact center solutions than ever before. As organizations begin using these solutions, they are quickly seeing positive results. Yet expanding these solutions to other regions isn’t as easy as simply setting up shop in target countries. While the solution may work well and satisfy all regulations in its original country of use, this may not be true for other countries. Companies that either ignore regulations or simply don’t know about them are subject to the same penalties as those who willfully violate the rules. However, while regulations add complexity, they don’t have to be a show-stopper for migrating to the cloud or for using UCaaS and CCaaS in any location. Service providers are there to help multi-nationals decipher the challenges associated with global regulations while streamlining infrastructure and bringing cost efficiencies. This white paper will help you understand how to avoid the pitfalls associated with varying regulations across the globe so your UCaaS or CCaaS deployment will succeed.

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