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Zoom and Mio Releases Chat Interop Integration; Wrike Adds Subtask Feature

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Welcome to the No Jitter Roll, the regular round-up of news about collaboration and communication. In today's edition: we look at an interoperability option between Zoom Chat and Teams, Slack, and Webex, an update to work management service, and a digital workspace integration with Webex.
Zoom Partners With Mio for Chat Interoperability
Zoom and interoperability provider Mio released an integration that'll allow Zoom Chat users to directly message users on Microsoft, Teams, Slack, and Webex by Cisco without opening a separate app. Additionally, users can edit and delete messages and post threaded replies and share files, GIFs, and emojis across platforms, as Mio shared in the previous announcement. The Zoom Chat integration with Mio was announced in September 2021 at Zoomtopia 2021, and is now available to U.S.-based Zoom customers. Pricing is available upon a sales request.
Wrike Releases AI-Based Subtask Creation Feature
Work management platform provider Wrike launched AI Subtask Creation, an AI-based feature that extracts key action items for user-selected text and turns them into subtasks. With AI Subtask Creation, users can select text in a variety of formats, from text notes to emails, transfer that content into Wrike, and have the items turned into a list of subtasks, which can be added to a main Wrike task. Users can manually edit these subtasks and more information to them.
Wrike also provides integrations with Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft teams, allowing users to transfer text to create a Wrike task without needing to leave the application. AI Subtask Creation is currently available to all Wrike Accounts and can be enabled from the Wrike Labs by any user.
“Emails, instant message threads, meeting notes from video calls, and the like create unstructured work that has low visibility across teams and is oftentimes not actioned against,” said Andrew Filev, senior VP and Wrike GM for Citrix. “This type of work floats under the radar, creating contextual gaps that lead to inefficiencies, such as work duplication or worse yet, work not getting done.”
Bluescape Reveals Webex Integration at Cisco Live
Visual collaboration and digital whiteboard provider Bluescape introduced a new integration with Webex at the Cisco Live event this week. With the Bluescape for Webex integration, users can add a Bluescape digital workspace to their existing Webex Meeting; within the Bluescape workspace, users can share content and collaborate. Additionally, users can attach a whiteboard to their Webex Meeting app for brainstorming purposes. The Webex integration requires an account with Bluescape. Users can sign up for a free account on Bluescape's website.
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