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Microsoft Previews Experience Insights for Teams; Zoom Releases Phone Power Packs

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Welcome to the No Jitter Roll, the regular round-up of news about collaboration and communication. In today's edition, we cover a new Microsoft 365 dashboard for user engagement and an add-on set of features for Zoom Phone, designed for customer support roles.
Microsoft Aims to Improve User Adoption With ‘Experience’ Dashboard
Microsoft this week announced the preview of its Experience insights dashboard, designed to give IT admins an overview of various user experience metrics for Microsoft 365 apps and services.
Available in the Microsoft 365 Admin center, the Experience insight dashboard provides metrics on product usage, in-product feedback, and Net Promoter Score (NPS) values. To gain more detailed information, an IT admin can select an app or service to see details on these metrics, as well as user comments. On select apps and services, IT admins can also receive information on feature-specific usage and recent advisories and incidents. Additionally, IT admins will have a Help content tab, which will provide data on the top articles an organization accessed for a specific app or service, which can help organizations prioritize training.
Preview of Experience insights is available in Targeted Release for Microsoft customers with over 20,000 seats. These insights are also restricted to Microsoft Teams users with the Global admin, Global reader, and Reports reader roles.
Zoom Releases Add on to Zoom Phone
Last week, Zoom released the Zoom Phone Power Pack, an add-on set of features to provide added functionality to customer support users. The added functionality for Zoom Phone Power Pack includes:
  • Call queue analytics for real-time and historical insights: With an analytics dashboard, call queue admins and members can access data on real-time call queue analytics like service levels, average call handling times, call volume counts, average/longest wait time, queue statistics, and more. Admins can also drill down to specific sites and call queues or analyze data from all queues in the summary setting. Additionally, admins can configure reports to their preferred statistics and run them for weekly, monthly, or other intervals.
  • A new call handling experience for users who handle high-call volumes: For users who handle high-call volumes like receptionists and help desk agents, the Power Pack desktop experience will provide "an awareness panel." This panel is docked to the screen when in use (but can be hidden when not in use) and provides users with incoming caller information and the ability to do an in-line search and to transfer calls. The awareness panel is also integrated with the Zoom desktop to provide real-time user presence so users can call, meet, and chat with other users.
  • SMS/MMS options for auto receptionists and call queue phone numbers: With Power Pack's SMS features, users can access receptionists or call queues via SMS or MMS. Instead of waiting in a call queue, a caller can ask product and service-related questions or connect with an agent over SMS, Zoom said. Admins can select team members to reply to SMS inquiries. Admins can also see conversation history within the SMS feature and receive call analytics. Currently, the team SMS option is limited to 10 team members and is only available in the U.S. and Canada.
The Power Pack doesn't require a separate installation, and it is available for Windows and macOS.