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UCaaS for Remote Work: Understanding the Challenges


Illustration: remote working
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COVID-19 has fundamentally shifted the way businesses work and communicate, as remote working requirements have demanded cloud-based collaboration solutions to maintain business continuity. This shift has seen unprecedented surges in adoption and usage of UCaaS platforms, as summarized in the infographic below. Even more interesting is that the adoption of UCaaS platforms has happened across all industries, including even those that historically have been resistant to remote working, such as financial services, healthcare, government, law enforcement, education, and many more.
As companies continue to plan for how they’ll operate post COVID-19, they can benefit from some interesting insights based on the experience of the last couple of months.
First, companies won’t revert to the same working environment as prior to the pandemic. Employees will be demanding more flexible work arrangements afforded by UCaaS solutions not only to protect themselves but also to achieve better work/life balance.
Second, firms have been reactive in their deployment strategy of UCaaS solutions and now are increasingly concerned with the risks and lack of oversight created by using richer communication mediums. They’re looking to apply the same level of security, compliance, privacy, and supervision controls on these core business communications as they have on their legacy communication technologies.The focus will soon migrate from the security of the platforms themselves to the safety and compliance of the content being communicated to whom and by whom within those platforms.
Theta Lake provides cloud-based risk and compliance management for video, audio, collaboration chat, and other modern digital communications. Its patent-pending technology uses AI, deep learning, and seamlessly integrates with the leading unified communication platforms — RingCentral, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, LogMeIn — to provide deep supervision and risk detection in what was said, shown, or shared in unified communications while also enabling SEC 17a-4-compliant archiving and eDiscovery. Using AI to power insights and automation, Theta Lake also provides a directed workflow to add consistency, efficiency, and scale to the security and compliance review process, driving down the cost of data protection and compliance. For more information, click here.