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3 Simple Steps to Make 5G Part of Your UCaaS Strategy


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If there’s one letter-and-number pair that has the tech world excited, it’s “5G.” With 5G networks providing never-before-possible levels of speed and connectivity, it’s clear that 5G is leading the way into the future.
So what does this mean for your business?
If you want to make the most of 5G, you need to incorporate it into your business strategy. This will require some research and training as you invest in upgrading for 5G, but once you get started, you’ll soon see the many benefits of a 5G network.
With that in mind, here are three simple steps you can take to make 5G part of your business strategy:
1. Get Buy-in From the Top
If you want to incorporate 5G into your business strategy, you need to start from the top. Once the top brass of your company understands how 5G can super-power your communications, you’re well on your way to widespread adoption.
So how do you do this?
Well, no one makes a new investment just because it’s there. There needs to be some actual benefits to adoption. Fortunately, there are plenty of benefits to 5G that can solve ongoing problems within your organization.
Has your team had difficulty working remotely? Slow networks and poor connections can be a major stumbling block to productivity when you’re working from home. What about when you’re trying to communicate with customers? A slow network can lead to grumpy customers, which is no good for anyone.
Now imagine how much easier this would be with the speed of 5G. Teams are instantly connected, voice and video communications are coming through clearly, and files can be sent across the organization in seconds. Your customers won’t have to worry about poor connectivity or disconnections either.
No matter how you look at it, the end result is a net gain for your business — more connected and efficient teams, happier customers, and better business all around.
Once those benefits are clear and the decision makers are on board, your business is ready for 5G.
2. Find a 5G UCaaS Provider
Upgrading your business communications to 5G requires more than just a 5G network. You also need a communications provider that’s 5G-ready. This is where unified communications as a service (UCaaS) comes into play.
UCaaS brings together all your communications tools and features, from voice calling to video chat to messaging, into a single platform. As it’s a hosted solution accessed through the cloud, 5G-enabled UCaaS will let you make all your calls and conferences with the speed and power of 5G.
It just so happens that a recent partnership brought together an excellent UCaaS provider and 5G network, with Dialpad and T-Mobile.
Through this partnership, T-Mobile customers will have access to Dialpad within the T-Mobile WFX Solutions. Imagine: true business mobility across devices on a cloud-based solution, reliable HD call quality, and AI-powered calling and transcriptions, all powered by T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G coverage.
This partnership provides an easy-to-use and robust UCaaS solution on an affordable and reliable network — just the thing a business needs to make the most of 5G.
3. Educate Your Staff
What good is a UCaaS solution on a 5G network if your employees don’t understand it? There are still many myths out there about 5G, from the ridiculous (and thoroughly debunked) conspiracy theories that the networks create disease-causing radiation to the more benign misunderstandings about how 5G works.
Fortunately, there is a simple cure: education.
If you want to ensure widespread adoption of 5G in your company, you need to educate your employees and dispel any lingering myths.
Consider the basic facts about 5G: It utilizes high-frequency bands in the radio spectrum to create high-speed Internet connectivity, can support a greater number of connected devices than 4G networks in the same, and uses smaller towers than did previous generations.
This enables networks to support more devices with incredibly fast connections, bringing in more data and creating a better on-the-go work experience. In the end, this leads to new opportunities to connect, innovate, and drive revenue.
With the right education, your team will be ready not only to benefit from 5G connectivity, but also to utilize the full potential it brings to the table.
Are you ready for all that 5G will provide and want to learn more? Sign up for our webinar, “5 Ways 5G Will Change UCaaS,” and learn all about the transformative effect that 5G will have on business communications!