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Zoom Shares September 2022 Update; Dialpad Adds AI Agent Tools


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Welcome to the No Jitter Roll, the regular round-up of news about the communications and collaboration industry. Today, we're recapping Zoom's September, looking at AI-based contact center capabilities from Dialpad, and wrapping up with a co-browsing feature for GoTo’s contact center service.
Zoom Sign Language Feature to Meetings, Adds Contact Center Integrations
In a recent blog post, Zoom outlined a number of updates to Zoom Phone, Zoom Meeting and Webinar, Zoom Whiteboard, Zoom IQ for Sales, Zoom Rooms, and its mobile app.
For Zoom Phone, the company shared:
  • Managing and distributing audio files across an organization: Enterprises can now upload audio files and share them across the whole organization with the Asset Library feature. Admins can save up to 1,000 audio files and manage them across the organization.
  • Custom call handling for emergency numbers: With new custom call handling options, admins can map emergency numbers to safety teams on Zoom Phone or an external third-party system.
  • Additional reporting for phone usage and data: Admins can track usage and the adoption of phone systems with the Subscription Center Management Reports, and a separate Quality of Service report will provide call quality analytics.

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Zoom Meetings and Webinar updates include:

  • Sign language interpretation for Zoom Meetings and Webinars: Meeting and webinar hosts can now designate multiple participants in a meeting as sign language channel interpreters, and meeting participants can select which sign language interpretation they show during the meeting or webinar.
  • Swiping ability on the Zoom mobile app toolbar: With an update to the Zoom mobile app, users will be able to swipe left or right to find more meeting options instead of having to click through the More menu within the app.
  • Apple CarPlay support: With Apple CarPlay support, users can view upcoming meetings or join meetings from their cars.
  • Updated profile cards: Users can hover over a meeting participant’s profile picture in the participant's window to see view their name, position, location, and other details.
For Zoom Whiteboard, the company announced:
  • Zoom Whiteboard Plus: The new Zoom Whiteboard Plus subscription gives its users access to unlimited concurrent whiteboards and added features, including the ability to create and edit templates.
  • Updated whiteboard functionality: Zoom has added the ability to create tables, mind maps (flow charts that automatically organize elements and content added to the whiteboard), and the ability to @mention a team member in the comments.

For Zoom’s contact center and sales service (Zoom IQ for Sales), the company shared:

  • Salesforce integration: With the Salesforce integration with Zoom Contact Center, agents can manage customer engagement right from Salesforce, without needing to switch apps, and post-call wrap-ups will automatically synchronize with customer data and history.
  • Option to upgrade to video calls: Contact center agents can upgrade an active voice call, web chat, or SMS to a video call when needed, which allows agents and customers to chat, file share, and share screens.
  • Zoom Kiosk integration: Zoom Contact Center customers can create kiosks to connect on-site customers with agents by integrating the Zoom Contact Center SDK or Zoom Kiosk with touch-enabled devices.
  • Solvvy by Zoom integration: Zoom Contact Center customers can integrate Solvvy by Zoom chatbot, which provides self-service and conversational AI capabilities. Additionally, enterprises can also include Google Dialogflow and Amazon Lex.
  • Additional cloud storage option: Zoom Contact Center licenses come with a base storage capacity of 5GB for recording, voicemails, and other assets. Now, contact center customers can purchase additional storage to retain recordings.
  • Zoom IQ for Sales adds indicators feature: The company has added a new indicators feature to Zoom IQ for Sales, Zoom's customer interactions analysis tool, which will allow sales professionals to identify specific words, phrases, or sentences within recording transcripts. Additionally, Zoom IQ for Sales users can set up alerts when specific topics are mentioned and receive a summary of how indicators are trending.
For Zoom Rooms, the company announced:
  • Scheduling display update: The Zoom Scheduling Display now features larger fonts and an updated layout to show the information like meeting schedule, the room name, people count, and more.
  • Zoom Rooms update: The Zoom Rooms meeting experience now includes a persistent in-meeting chat window and an updated view of presented content and speakers.
  • Polls in Zoom Rooms: Users will now be able to launch and participate in polls while in Zoom Rooms.
  • Zoom Rooms tagging system: Zoom admins can now create tags for specific rooms, which can be used to organize and manage Zoom Rooms by type of room, room function, size, how many displays, if there is a whiteboard in the room, or if it's only for executive use.
Lastly, Zoom has added a Workspace Reservation integration for Zoom's iOS or Android mobile app, which allows employees to reserve phones, desks, rooms, and space from their mobile devices.
Dialpad Adds AI Agent Assist Tools
Dialpad revealed several AI-based tools aimed at streamlining the agent experience and streamlining the call-review process.
The Dialpad AI Agent Assist is a single interface that integrates with knowledge centers and other systems and features an AI-based search engine, so contact center agents can search for answers to questions without needing to switch tabs. AI Agent Assist analytics also will provide insight into agent behavior like traffic, clicks, missing knowledge, and more. In an update that will roll out in the coming weeks, QA Scorecards will automatically flag a scorecard phrase or behavior and pre-fill out on the scorecard.
“AI-based guidance is a breakthrough technology for contact centers, bringing immediate, relevant assistance to agents in any situation. It relieves the pressure on over-burdened agents while improving the customer’s experience," said Keith Dawson, VP and research director at Ventana Research.
GoTo Adds Co-Browsing
Communications and IT support provider GoTo launched a co-browsing feature within its GoTo Contact Center services; agents can use this feature to walk customers through a process with which they might be having issues. With this feature, contact center agents can initiate a web-based co-browsing session with a customer through webchats, social media direct messages, or SMS. The co-browsing experience will mask personal data and block buttons during the co-browsing session to ensure customer privacy and security.
“Occasionally, clients may need to navigate one of our online forms prior to an appointment or need assistance ordering on our online pharmacy for the first time. So, it is nice that the staff can assist them with co-browsing if needed. Before, we would have to try to walk them through it over the phone, refer them directly to tech support with another company, or have them physically come in so we could help them on their cell phones — all of which are very inconvenient options," Sarah Messner, practice manager at Lifetime Pet Centers said.
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