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Standards ... The ISO 14064 GREEN One

Many announcements of companies planning to be carbon neutral are creating a stir among environmentalists and watchdog groups. They are saying that these companies cannot substantiate that their companies are green (energy efficient) or carbon neutral without accountability given to the ISO 14064 standards. Companies see dollars in green and there are plenty of claims of being more efficient, sustainable, or greener than the other guy.

First Environment is ISO 14001 certified since 1997, and are based in New Jersey. Subject matter experts on GHG at ClimateCheck have made significant contributions to the development of GHG and the ISO 14064 GHG Project Standard. View ClimateCheck case studies here.

So for any green claims vendors are making, start with ISO 14064. The six sins of Greenwashing are found here and you want to avoid doing any of them. Negotiating around the impact that ISO 14064 has on your enterprise will be costly. However, going by what Rich Lochner, VP, IBM said, "Green is a good overall business measure in efficiency;" you may realize cost benefits in many areas of your processes. Green or going green costs money, requires even more time than money -the efforts to measure and re-measure again and again are seemingly unending.