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Protection 101: Why Your Business Needs an Ultra-Secure Collaboration Tool Now

From Microsoft Teams to Slack, today’s cloud collaboration platforms are not secure enough for sensitive data. Enterprises and government agencies need these modern messaging-based collaboration tools, but also need to protect their intellectual property while meeting stringent compliance and privacy regulations. In order to achieve this, organizations should look for a solution with a zero-trust architecture and multi-factor authentication – one that empowers security administrators to set policies to control data access based on time and location.
Don’t forget – enterprises today are exposed to communications infrastructure vulnerabilities even if employees follow all guidelines and use typical security products.
Hotshot’s solution enforces a “least privileged access” approach to stop critical data leakage, while giving employees a secure channel to collaborate.
In this whitepaper, learn more about how Hotshot’s next-generation, ultra-secure collaboration solution can help your enterprise meet all of these requirements in one easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use application, ensuring your business is protected from a range of threats.